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The chilling dumbing down of the American population is complete, the ruling class now has a completely docile, stupid, supine population, unable to fathom even the most basic ideas, much less the complexities of understanding and resisting what is surely the dictionary definition of fascism. How can we have democracy when the basics of even understanding what that means is beyond the grasp of not merely the uneducated but more and more the so called educated?

The American mind has been devastated and this is no accident, this is a part of the strategy of control. The ruling class simply cannot afford to have an educated population, because then we would catch on to this scam and maybe do something about it. So instead Americans are fed a steady diet of fear and terrorism and through this "control through fear" methodology the ruling class is able to keep their grip on power, to keep their spindly fingers tightly gripped around the necks of all Americans.

And as an escape Americans imbibe on Gender crises, tattoos, environmental issues or some bleeding heart charity thousands of miles away. Instead of confronting the real enemy, the real threat, the real problem, which is NOT a gender crisis, NOT a need for another tattoo, and NOT a well for an African Village, the threat and problem in the world today is the American ruling class, a fascist cabal who is rampaging around teh world perpetrating covert terror, false flag bombings here in America and Europe and devastating the Western African nations with the CIAs manufactured outbreak of Ebola.

Know your enemy!

Capitalism is a Prison

Published in THE BIG LIES


It destroys the environment.
Turns the medical industry into an… industry.
Turns doctors into corrupt money focused, untrustworthy businessmen.
Turns politicians into corporate puppets.
Turns art into cheesy "family safe" rubbish.
No art has EVER been made by a capitalist.
No music of value has EVER been made by a capitalist.
No poetry has ever been made by a capitalist.
No great literature has ever been made by a capitalist.
Capitalism supports only the lowest common denominator.
Capitalism needs violence and brutality to keep it going.
Capitalism breeds rape and torture.
Capitalism is responsible for the military industrial complex.
Capitalism supports violent nationalism.
Capitalism financed Hitler.
Capitalism creates war.
Capitalism demands a 23 hour workday. (1 to wake up, shower and get ready, 2 to commute to work (average Long Island commute is 2 hours with no traffic and 3 with traffic), 8 on the job + 1 for your precious lunch, 2 to get home, 0 to wind down, 8 to sleep, = 1 hour for yourself = human slavery.)

The worlds leading physicist Stephen Hawking categorically announced that there is no god. All major US news outlets including CNN, ABC, FOX, CBS, New York Times, Daily News, New York Post, refused to cover the story, not even a mention. A complete corporate blackout on Hawking. Zero reporting, Zero mention of this groundbreaking event. Only NBC news placed a story of this ground breaking statement on their website but not their TV network.

In an interview with El Mundo Hawking said, "Before we understood science, it was natural to believe that God created the universe, but now science offers a more convincing explanation."

Hawking had made earlier statements in 2011 that heaven did not exist nor did an afterlife, calling them "a fairy story for people afraid of the dark."


We live in a corporate police state where all major corporate interests are dedicated to keeping the balance of power in the hands of a tiny number of ultra wealthy billionaires and to suppress the hopes dreams and advancements of the people. Religion and belief in an god is the principle method that the power structure keeps people ignorant fearful and obedient. It is a dark time for humankind when only the lies can receive the approval of the official world. The truth is reviled, ignored, suppressed and made illegal wherever possible.


Voxnews is dedicated to bringing you the COLD HARD TRUTH and nothing less.

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