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Wall Street Burns - Voxnews Reports from Burningman 2012

Published in Media Watch

At the giant annual Burningman Festival, tens of thousands cheered as a six story edifice of Wall Street was burnt to the ground. The mainstream media refused to cover this spectacular moment choosing instead to keep its viewers in the dark about the world around them as they always do. But thanks to the alternative media, the truth about what is happening to this world is getting out.

Turn off television news and get the truth about the world from the many new trusted INDEPENDENT SOURCES of news untainted by the ever looming corrupting influence of corporate control of information.

Nation of Fear

Published in Police State USA

nation of fear

Over the past 50 years, an American was 13 times more likely to be struck by lightening, more likely to be killed by a bee sting and 164 times more likely to die slipping or drowning in their bathrooms, than from a terrorist attack. Yet in the name of terrorism which has killed far fewer people in fifty years than bathtubs do in several months, our fear pushing, so called, "leaders" are trying to con us all into giving up our rights, giving up all of our money to the military weapons manufacturers who control them, shredding the constitution, spreading worldwide perpetual war, killing and mutilating hundreds of thousands of innocent people throughout the world (in the name of "protecting us" but we all know it's to steal the oil) and transforming this once rich "land of opportunity" into a poor country increasingly isolated and hated by more and more people and nations throughout the world.

Next time some slimy little politician tries to con you with his big terrorism fear rubbish, our recommendation is to THROW HIM OUT OF OFFICE!

They are lying to you because they are getting paid to lie to you. They are lying to you because they think they can make a name for themselves serving the Wall Street military arms manufacturers. They are trying to trick you all because they know that fear is the easiest way to trick people into doing exactly what they want you to do.

killer bathtubNext time they try to scare you into forking over all your money so that they can protect us, tell them to go after the bathtubs - they kill more Americans in two months than terrorism has in 50 years. And that's a fact.

(data compiled from NIH and CDC data)

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