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Richard Dawkins Destroys Bill O'Reilly

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Watch Author and Oxford Professor Richard Dawkins, destroy the dissembling imbicile Bill O'Reilly on the question of the existence of god.

In this stunning revelation of the utter bankruptcy of the American Corporate Media we see Bill O'Reilly make an outrageous revision of history claiming that the founding fathers promoted Jesus Christ as the one true god.

Also it is important to note O'Reilly's inability to look Mr. Dawkins in the eyes, this is the sign of weakness and disbelief in one's own argument. While the superior thinker has his eyes steadfastly fixed on the effluent O'Reilly as O'Reilly moves uncomfortably in his chair and dissembles and lies. One wonders about the caliber of those people who watch Mr. O'Reilly and think he's presenting credible information about anything. 

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