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TV Ownership Declining

10 arrested in Niger coup attempt, president says

According to Nielson's annual "Television Audience" report the numbers of US households owning television sets is declining. dropping 1% for the first time ever since the advent of television. 

The key demographic being the 18-49 year olds declined at a steeper 2.7 percent. 

This is good news for freedom. 

Television is the central tool through which the established oligarchy maintains their grip on power. But in a world where individual interests are diverging and diffusing so rapidly, it is becoming more and more difficult for these megalithic brainwashing machines called American television networks to keep us all capitavitad and seeking shelter under their ubrellas of fear. 

No doubt the televised broadcasting of fear memes on a mass scale still has many in it's grip. But the internet age offers an opportunity to fill the vacuum of information coming from the corporate hole called mainstream media with accurate and useful information about the world around us. 


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