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Mom accused of "Fat Shaming"

Only in America, the world's most obese nation, would there be a "firestorm" of anger, hurt, resentment, insult, curiosity, rejection, shame, etc, against this rather mild (and in our view honest and accurate) statement that this mother of three and fitness enthusiast Maria Kang is making regarding the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

This photo of the physically fit mom  "Ignited a firestorm" because it contradicts the "new think" here in America, where unhealthy lifestyles and outdated and wrong belief systems are promoted by the ruling class and their mainstream media to keep the population, under tight control and as unhealthy as possible, in both body and mind.

See, in America, the lie is SACROSANCT - We live by the lie, we worship the lie, the lie controls our thoughts and beliefs and we will defend the lie down to the last fatty!

In the lie based world of McDonald eating, fast food Americans, they are trying to tell us that being slender is "impossible to attain," and that it's wrong to project images of slender humans as representing an ideal form. They are trying to tell us that the average American girth is beautiful and normal for humans.
They often go so far as to say that being slender is actually unhealthy and dangerous.  

In Asia and India however we do not see two out of every three persons of the population in a state of obesity like we have here in American. The vast majority of Asians and Indians are slender, with only a small minority who are obese. Nor is it likely that the progenitors of the modern human being, (the cave man/or woman) would be obese - Probably no fat cavemen or women.

It has gotten so bad here in America, that the truth, which this woman has represented accurately, is met with anger and hurt!
(Awwww! Isn't that too bad. An American is "hurt" because an awesomely fit mom has expressed pride in her desire to not look like a typical American slob.)

The truth now, causes anger, hurt and shame for a very large section of the American population. But this is not just happening in the realm of of body image. This lie spans across ALL ASPECTS of American life.

In our political world, we are programmed by the government and their news networks to be offended and angry when a scientist, researcher, world leader, former CIA agent, etc, comes fourth and says, "Of course 911 was in inside job, any normally thinking person with two normally functioning brains cells can see this truth." This truth is offensive, and Americans, most of whom still derive their so called "Belief System" from the government/corporate propaganda machinery of Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and the rest of the corporate propaganda channels will ridicule this truth, become angry at it and reject it.

The same situation exists in almost every facet of American political "belief." Saddam Hussein, we were told and which we believed, had Chemical weapons, and we needed to spend trillions of dollars to find them, ooops that was just a lie. there were never any Chemical weapons. Now Assad we are told that President Assad of Syria has used chemical weapons, and we need to spend trillions of dollars to stop him... Oooops, ture out that it was our CIA BACKED ALQAEDA PAID MERCENARIES WORKING FOR THE CIA WHO DID THE CHEMICAL ATTACK - NOT ASSAD!

Welcome to America where down is up, wrong is right, the terrorists are called "Freedom Fighters" and fat is beautiful!

And the same situation - this cherishing of the lie, exists in all of the bogus religions.

Even Mrs Kang identifies herself as being Catholic - The Catholic church representing one of the worlds most excessive perversions of truth, were little children's minds are abused by irresponsible adults who condition them to believe bronze aged myths about god and his "official" representatives on earth. The purest form of rubbish, insulting to all who escaped such foolishness and can see it for what it is. Where creepy old pedophiles wear ridiculous looking tall white hats, to project their authority inside ominous threatening looking buildings with tall spires designed to dominate the minds of medieval peasantry so that they can be easily controlled. So there is enough of these lies for us all to enjoy, even people like Kang who are correct about some things, like physical fitness, yet drop the ball on mental fitness.

Congratulations to Mrs Kang for looking like a human being should look, slender, but if she really wants to cut the fat out of her life she might want to consider excising her "Catholic Belief System" which is far more grotesque than a few inches on the belly.

Welcome to the Lie.

Published in THE BIG LIES
copyright 2012 vox information sciences

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