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Capitalism is a Prison


It destroys the environment.
Turns the medical industry into an… industry.
Turns doctors into corrupt money focused, untrustworthy businessmen.
Turns politicians into corporate puppets.
Turns art into cheesy "family safe" rubbish.
No art has EVER been made by a capitalist.
No music of value has EVER been made by a capitalist.
No poetry has ever been made by a capitalist.
No great literature has ever been made by a capitalist.
Capitalism supports only the lowest common denominator.
Capitalism needs violence and brutality to keep it going.
Capitalism breeds rape and torture.
Capitalism is responsible for the military industrial complex.
Capitalism supports violent nationalism.
Capitalism financed Hitler.
Capitalism creates war.
Capitalism demands a 23 hour workday. (1 to wake up, shower and get ready, 2 to commute to work (average Long Island commute is 2 hours with no traffic and 3 with traffic), 8 on the job + 1 for your precious lunch, 2 to get home, 0 to wind down, 8 to sleep, = 1 hour for yourself = human slavery.)

Published in THE BIG LIES
copyright 2012 vox information sciences

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