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the US biowarfare program is global, deadly, & constantly on an offensive footing. with liaisons in all US intelligence agencies & all branches of the military, it is able to quickly & expertly unleash biological weapons on unsuspecting populations without the resulting epidemics & suffering being traced back to Washington. coronavirus has all the hallmarks of being one of these operations. the NOT ONE CENT movement seeks to hold politicians accountable for taking money from the military-industrial complex & the state of Israel - between them responsible for the vast majority of human suffering on the planet today. any politician who takes money from these two groups is not qualified to be elected dogcatcher, let alone a seat in Congress or the presidency. find more of Vox's work at http://voxnews.com . backup channel on bitchute : helenofdestroy. videos like this are prone to disappearing without notice, so if you found it informative please like, share, & more importantly download & repost on your own site! the days of YouTube being a dependable platform for dissident content-creators are long gone, & this channel's days are numbered. share this information widely -

Vox dismantles the argument that RT News is any more state sponsored than CNN is, (or the rest of the establishment shills called the US mainstream media.)

Published in Media Watch

This Dutch documentary presents a thorough examination by prominent Jewish academic John Mearsheimer on the stranglehold that the Jewish lobby has on American institutions, the American political class and a broad spectrum of social and religious entities in America. Many hail it as honest and thought provoking yet an organized effort decries it as anti-semitic. Viewers are free to judge for themselves.

Published in THE BIG LIES
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