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JFK Anniversary Shows The Lie Is Alive And Well

The anniversary of JFK's assassination was more than anything, proof positive that we live in a country based on lies about the most important things in our world. It was a chance to see with your own eyes, all your "official" voices like Anderson Cooper, Barack Obama, Rachel Maddow, Bill Oreilly, and every other lying piece of American capitalist shit, giving credibility to this sham called "the official version." All of them, in unison, chanting the lie, "Oswald did it alone!" 

From the steel, glass, fluorescent lit towers of Wall Street to the lips of the politicians they own, an iron curtain has descended across the landscape of truth. Behind that line, lie all the dreams of a better world, a healthier planet and a more compassionate understanding are suffolcating in their grip. 

The official version of truth, is only that which has corporate sponsors, and teams of lobbyists or some zealous religious groups or intelligence agencies forcing it on us. Power works this way - we wouldn't adopt their system naturally because it is not a preferable state to freedom and we know that, so they must use their only resources, their forces, efforts, "teamwork", coercion, gang mentality, and their lies - and only then do we "adopt" their rules, ways and "beliefs." 

In the case of the CIA's assassination of Kennedy, it is just fear which keeps everyone on the same page chanting "Oswald did it!" If one of these so called journalists in the mainstream told or even hinted at the truth, their services would no longer be required. 

One does not get a seat at the table of power in this land of corporate sponsorship of the official endorsed "truth" unless one is fully complicit in pushing such lies. And even though the liars are faced with a skeptical population which now openly rejects their lies, they will still push them nevertheless. You would think that one of them would see a chance to break away from pack - of lies - and set themselves apart, but this is not the case. They all obey the well known protocols, are all well behaved, never step out of line. 

So if the corporatized version of "truth" must always be the thing which is the exact opposite of truth, the thing stripped of every fiber and atom of truth, why then do we ascribe any power to them? Because many people are still unaware of the fraudulence of the "news." It seems that the networks never told them they the networks themselves were lying. 

There is a rigid circumscription surrounding the protocols of discourse. Within this highly controlled boundary of "truth" we are only offered a narrow range of thought. "Did they know it was going to happen and let it happen?" - or - "Were they incompetent and never saw it coming?" And never once would they mention "Did they plan and executed every phase of those attacks." 

Of course the truth can never be mentioned. 

And you can hear these two choices come right out of the mouths of those who have been tricked that these are the only two choices.

By never even alluding to the actual truth (unless to utterly ridicule it) they really have constructed a population who cannot conceive of something they have never even heard of. It's the way our empirical mind functions, we cannot conceive of things we have not sensed, experienced or learned. There are many young people who have never even heard mentioned this "theory" that in fact that the 911 attack might have been an inside job. They have simply never heard it mentioned once. 

The memory hold sucks yet another troubling atrocity into its vortex.

And it's not that the truth is yet to come out, the truth is already out. It just smolders there like a black hole in our world, like the CIA's Kennedy hit, these things really do impact our lives, they are turning our world into a violent and terrible sham. 

There is still time to do something about it. The very same techniques of "Soft Insurgencies" as exemplified by the so called Arab Spring can be used anywhere. What we will not get though is the recursive pleasure of seeing our revolution on CNN in the city square as it unfolds. They very definitely will not be covering the real revolution - The one that occurs in the hearts and minds of each and every person who either has self respect and dignity or they do not.

Published in THE BIG LIES
copyright 2012 vox information sciences

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