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CIA Death Squad Snipers Are Behind Syrian Civilian Murders

The CIA and NATO sends in Snipers to randomly kill women and children in Syria, just as they did in Libya. The killings are reported by the US media as the work of the Syrian government. The people of Syria know that the attacks are coming from CIA and NATO death squads and are pleading with the Syrian Government to send in the Syrian military to protect them from the snipers. The criminal CNN and the rest of the US media ignores the millions of Syrian people who are saying loud and clear that they know that the US Government is behind the sniping. They then get three or four Syrian people who are paid by the CIA to report exactly the opposite of the truth, that the Syrian government is sniping at their own citizens. Americans cannot tell the difference because they have not one single clue about matters this complex, they don't know where Syria is, they have never heard of any news from Syria, they do not know about the region or the people or the conflicts there. They believe whatever they told by their masters who will never tell the truth but will only lie and send Americans to die in wars so that a few elite families here in America can gain more of the billions of dollars so that they can perpetuate this lie and this destruction and the wealth accumulation for ever and ever. Everything on CNN is a lie. If it is on CNN and it has to do with a political issue, the truth is more likely to be EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what they are saying.

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