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The mainstream media manipulates gullible people into worshiping criminals and incompetents - Fauci is the criminal and Tedros from the World Health Organization is an incompetent tool of his deep state masters.
Originally recorded March 25th



Published in Pandemic

ISIS: Made in the USA

On Sunday May 31st at City University of New York - John Jay College - 3:40pm Room 1.105
Voxnews is sponsoring a panel of leading journalists and writers exposing the West's latest desperate
proxy terrorist force - ISIS.

ISIS is the latest methodology by Western Intelligence, (CIA and MOSSAD) its billionaire masters,
our bloodthirsty weapons industry, Israeli war mongers and our Saudi accomplices to balkanize the region,
further destabilize the world, achieve dizzying war profits and lock in the police and surveillance state here
at home that they so desperately need to keep their murderous grip on power.

US efforts to kill the last remaining secular leaders in the Middle East (and ostensibly replace them
with ISIS) is described by NeoCons and the mainstream media they control as “humanitarian”- but even just a basic
understanding of the region indicates that if you take out a secular government, a violent Islamist government quickly fills the void.

The chilling truth is that ISIS is no “failure” of US policy -,everything is going as planned...that is until as
it always does, the plan “goes awry” and the US taxpayer is once again forced to pay the price to the usual suspects, the defense industry, whose grip on our spineless congress can only be described as criminal.

ISIS is the latest proxy terrorist group that the US and it’s client states Israel, Saudi Arabia & Qatar has unleashed onto the world scene and like most monsters they create, this one might not be so easy to get under control.

The emergence of ISIS is too convenient, too advantageous, too serendipitous, for these underhanded war
profiteers for it to be yet another “failure,” of US policy. ISIS is a proxy army funded, trained and controlled by Western Intelligence and their so called think tanks of murder and terrorism.

Join authors and investigative journalists Webster Tarpley & Wayne Madsen, Former CIA analyst
Ray McGovern and investigative journalist Vox as they peel away the accepted narrative of “failure” - revealing
the sinister truth behind the West’s latest murderous proxy ISIS. ISIS like AlQaeda represents the desperate
West’s only methodology left to keep its imperial grip on the planet Earth.


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