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Open Letter to Glen Greenwald - Voxnews Op-Ed

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Dear Mr Greenwald,

The stated rationale for not releasing the bulk of the Snowden documents is that it could endanger ongoing operations or personnel (assets). The immediate question is how many innocent lives are those ongoing operations and personnel putting in jeopardy because the comfort and safety of these agents is essentially guaranteed by their identities not being disclosed?

They hardly exercise the same levels of care for the lives of those they target than we must do as we tiptoe around the sensibilities of the most fearsome imperial juggernaut ever to threaten the hopes of free people. We must be extra careful to assure that we never endanger them, for their lives are more precious, more exceptional than the rest of our lives. 

The world has a right to know who the assets, moles, covert agents undermining their respective societies are.

We don't want to live in a world of mole, assets, double and triple agents. Why then take special measures to assure the safety of these agents betrayal and suffering? Why make their lives easy when they are making the world a miserable, unfair and brutal place? They are the ones assassinating democratically elected leaders, they are the ones stoking sectarian violence into civil wars. Expose them, make them uncomfortable, they are spooks, why must they always spook us? Maybe it's time that the spooks learn what it feels like to be as afraid as they make the world feel!

In the view of many great thinkers, these operations and persons whose safety you are protecting are not only not serving the security interests of the United States but quite the contrary - they are the willing agents of the most destructive force in the world today and are diminishing the security of the people of the United States and the entire world in the process.

By releasing the entire trove of documents you will be saving many more innocent lives than will be jeopardized.

Why protect them? Would it not be at least equitable to make their safety and security as compromised as they are making ours? Maybe a general warning that on a certain date all the documents will be released and anyone who is engaged in these covert activities has time to clear out or take cover. Bet the time has come to send a message to the spooks - We don't want to be spooked!

Haven't we all come to the conclusion that "ongoing operations and personnel" in foreign countries are precisely the problem in the world today? Should these agents of US imperialist aggression not feel as insecure as they are making us feel?

Can we not weigh the net suffering that the United States government inflicts on millions of innocent men women and children throughout the world against the relatively few numbers of personnel in actuality who are responsible for inflicting such suffering? Surely the greater suffering is that of the victims of the rapacious US foreign policy. Open the gates and send a warning to future spooks that their safety and anonymity cannot be guaranteed. That would go a long way towards fixing the problems in the world today.

A perfect solution, would involve deniability (the same thing the intelligence agencies use when they covertly commit their crimes). Since it is well known that many people have access to this trove of documents, it becomes a simple matter of plausible deniability by any one of the holders of these documents to simply pass them to someone who will do what needs to be done and publish the entire trove of documents.

The transmittal of the document trove can be accomplished anonymously and let the chips fall on the surveillance state where they may. It's time to gut the surveillance state. It's time to disempower the police state. It is time to become a fair and law abiding member of the planet earth once again.

I urge you to open the floodgates or else facilitate some third person or entity or automated process, which will do so. We are running out of time. We can gut this fascist police state here and now.

Voxnews Op Ed

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