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At the giant annual Burningman Festival, tens of thousands cheered as a six story edifice of Wall Street was burnt to the ground. The mainstream media refused to cover this spectacular moment choosing instead to keep its viewers in the dark about the world around them as they always do. But thanks to the alternative media, the truth about what is happening to this world is getting out.

Turn off television news and get the truth about the world from the many new trusted INDEPENDENT SOURCES of news untainted by the ever looming corrupting influence of corporate control of information.


Some mainstream news channels have been recently caught carrying dubious footage from Syria. It fuels the debate over media's role in legitimizing possible military intervention in the country.

‘Danny’ is a Syrian opposition activist who reports from Homs for CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya. He is attached to the opposition movement and regularly calls for military invasion of Syria. He's identified as Danny Abdul Dayem, a 22-year-old British citizen of Syrian origin.

In a video leaked online, Danny appears to be falsifying a video broadcast for CNN. Prior to going on air, he requests colleagues to fire weapons to dramatize his Live report with Anderson Cooper. Though he denied any wrongdoings in an interview to CNN after the video went viral, his reliability as a verified news source was called into question.

Danny is far from being a lone soldier in an increasingly dirty information war. Investigative journalist Rafik Lotf has spent months looking at the background to footage that has helped shaped global opinion on the conflict. He told RT that Al Jazeera is involved in video fabrication to discredit the Syrian regime and cites a video described by Al Jazeera as proof Syrian Govt forces had bombed an oil pipeline.

“I know this video is on the Al Jazeera server. It is clear it is not an explosion but they ignore that and keep on reporting on the way they need to see it,” he said.

It is even thought that the clip may have been staged by rebels who blew up the pipeline themselves, as alleged on Infowars.com.

Dark turns in Syria’s blame game

All Journalists admit that verifying footage on the ground in Syria is difficult, nigh on impossible. 

Most recently shocking footage emerged of some 47 bodies, including women and children found with their throats slit, bearing stab wounds and signs of rape. The opposition called for a UNSC emergency meeting on 'the massacre’.

Assad’s government, in turn, announced that ‘terrorist gangs’ killed those in the video and claimed Homs’ residents recognized relatives among the dead, who had been previously kidnapped by the Syrian rebels.

As the mutual blame game spirals downwards and civilian suffering continues, the recent resignations of key Al Jazeera journalists may serve as a clear indicator – that some mainstream Syria conflict coverage is far from objective.


needles planted in Zuccotti park to discredit movement

CBS airs disinformation campaign to discredit OWS movement. Syringes PLANTED by either CBS themselves, the intelligence agencies who have descended on the movement or one of the many right wing groups who are stepping up their effort to discredit the movement were featured on CBS news.

Theresa Oneill, a protestor, who was present at the time the NYPD emptied Zuccotti reported witnessing two men placing syringes on the ground in the minutes before the evacuation of the park by the NYPD. Here's her account of that incident.

"...About a half an hour before the police stormed Zuccatti park and tore the place down I saw the weirdest thing, but at the time didn't really figure out what it meant. I saw these two guys who definitely were not with the protests who showed up and I saw one of them sort of secretly dropping something by the curb not too far from the library (where I was sitting) then walk away. When he left I walked over and saw three hypodermic needles there. ... Then I saw him literally one minute later with the other man go to the end of the park and do the same thing, he sort of lowered his body towards the curb like he was going to sit but didn't and just walked away from the curb and then both of them walked out of the park together. ... I went over to where he had gone to sit down and sure enough there were about four new hypodermic needles on the ground...I didn't think of it again until I saw this story about the guy handing out bongs to make the protestors look bad and immediately I thought of those guys dropping the syringes in the park. The guys were both wearing gray hoodie windbreakers with jeans and sneakers and in retrospect they looked like cops actually. They were both big and stocky. One of them had a baseball cap under his hoodie. and they were moving through the park keeping to themselves, not speaking to anyone. In retrospect this was such a spooky incident. Maybe this was a set up? To make the protesters look like junkies or something?"

 The psychological operations (psyops) are getting sloppy and don't even make sense on the very surface. They are designed to scare and trick people but when these psyops are subjected to the slightest bit of scrutiny (which the so called "journalists" in the major media never do) the psyops fall apart quickly.  is that the needles were "Insulin Needles" for Diabetics AND they were UNUSED. Hardly the hallmarks of a heroin junky to just throw perfectly good UNUSED needles on the ground. That would never happen because needles are hard to come by. Also all of the needles that were "discovered" when CBS news "just happened to be present" were all of the same make and model.

In other words are they expecting us to believe that the OWS movement is comprised of junkies. Yet with so many different styles of needles available they expect us to believe that all these different junkies all just happen to be using the same brand of needle? Not likely. They would be different brands. And certainly if they were discarded on the ground like CBS news is trying to trick the American people into believing, they would at least be used! But these needles were not. And to take is even further, anyone who knows a junkie knows that they don't throw needles away, they use them multiple times, yet these needles - all of the same brand, all of which according to a witness who saw them being planted just minutes before CBS "discovers them" AND THE NEEDLES ARE ALL UNUSED!

There is a very well organized massive effort to discredit the OWS movement. The media is central to this strategy of this process to create fear about the movement and to discredit it. The television news networks have proven that they are merely propaganda machines whose purpose is to control the minds of it's viewers with very well produced well orchestrated lies but upon the slightest examination it is plain to see that corporate news is just lies after lie after lie. They hope you don't take the time to notice this program of lies.
Voxnews is here to make sure you find out.




Here's CBS's Disinformation Campaign: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2011/11/16/dozens-of-hypodermic-needles-found-among-trash-removed-from-zuccotti-park/



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