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Police State USA

The US military-industrial police state has never hesitated to sacrifice the lives of Americans in order to achieve its goal of locking down control of all movement - not just in & out of the country but within the country. Bioweapons, as the Rockefeller Foundation gleefully pointed out way back in 2010, are a fantastic way to convince an already-mentally-supine population to yield control of their physical forms to the state's machinations as well. While the interview in this video was recorded in 2014 as an Ebola outbreak ravaged west Africa, Vox's observations are if anything even more applicable to 2020's coronavirus outbreak, which has set western powers salivating as China sets into motion its enviable (if you're a power-mad sociopath) state control machinery to quarantine some 50 million people behind a 'cordon sanitaire' that authorities admit has already allowed carriers of the virus to slip out ahead of its imposition - meaning this massive crackdown on free movement serves no purpose other than as a giant human experiment in what liberties a population will thoroughly trash for the fleeting illusion of security.

spoiler alert: too many. documents referenced can be found at:

Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development https://archive.org/details/pdfy-tNG7...

National Security Memorandum 200, Dec 10 1974 https://pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/PCAAB5...

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With each new sensational mass murder (most of which are performed by persons on powerful government approved and pharmaceutically profitable psychoactive drugs) we see the coordinated propaganda machinery kicking into high gear to convince us that we need to disarm the population. Apart from the glaringly obvious concept which doesn’t seem to have much influence on those who are driven by emotional appeals of our lovely power structure, and not logical facts, disobeying laws is what makes a criminal a criminal, so if you make a law saying that no one should have guns, what makes anyone think that a criminal will obey that law? There are laws on the books that no one should rob banks but bank robbers don’t seem to obey that law. Likewise there are laws that say people shouldn’t steal the property of others - how many thieves do you think care? The point is that to outlaw citizen’s ownership of guns means only criminals and the government (which many consider to be criminal) will have them.

The broader issue is a deeply philosophical one. It was born out of the need to safeguard people from the inevitable descent into tyranny which occurs in nearly each and every society. The truth about life is that powerful people always abuse their power - If not now, give it some time and the abuse always happens. And the more more powerful the person, entity or government is, the more prone to tyranny that person, entity or government will be. The is a reason for the maxim, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” It’s true.

So the founding fathers included the most extraordinary amendment to the constitution, So important was this idea that they made it second only to the right for free speech. The very second amendment was the right for the people to have equal killing power to that of their government. It wasn't designed to protect hunters or for target practice, but to give the people the ability to overthrow their own government. The brutal monarchies at the time recoiled in astonishment! How in the world can you control and rule (with the iron fist so typical of these tyrants) if you allow people the right to have the same killing power as the tyrant!? How can a tyrant survive under such a condition! And that was the point of the second amendment - To put all future American leaders and governments under the awareness that should they get out of hand and become abusive tyrannies that the people can organize and overthrow and replace them.

There is a dangerous trend occurring in America. Police now have the power to be judge, jury and executioner and can literally execute unarmed citizens in broad daylight and on camera and face no consequences whatsoever. Politicians can now secretly take any amount of money from any source without having to disclose where the money came from and as a result ostensibly work for a foreign or corporate power against the will and wishes of the people that they are supposed to represent. By all definitions this represents tyranny.

This past century governments were responsible for approximately 260,000,000 killings.
In the United States more citizens were killed in the year 2014 than in all mass murders since 1982 combined.
One citizen is killed by a police officer every 7.5 seconds.  Considering such alarming statistics, these is no logical or statistical case for disarming law abiding gun owners. But in America today, logic and statistics don’t play a big role any more. All that matters is the partisan agenda of the prevailing ruling power structures and right now the power structures of the ruling class are in a rare conflict with the political puppets who typically do and say whatever their billionaire masters tell them to do and say. But in this case there is an overwhelming population base who understands clearly the importance of the 2nd Amendment. And the conditions on the ground are such that any politician in certain states who threatens this vitally important amendment will very definitely be voted out of office come election day. So for now we are safe. But the forces for gun control will never stop. Many leading researchers are coming to the conclusion that many if not most of these mass shootings may be orchestrated by the deepest forms of mind control and for the specific purpose of ushering in a police state - a banker controlled totalitarian prison planet.


You’re Nine Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer that a Terrorist

Daily Show Highlights Mystery of How Many People are Shot and Killed by Police

IN 2014 Police Killed Twice as Many Americans than Mass Shooters Combined Since 1982


The chilling dumbing down of the American population is complete, the ruling class now has a completely docile, stupid, supine population, unable to fathom even the most basic ideas, much less the complexities of understanding and resisting what is surely the dictionary definition of fascism. How can we have democracy when the basics of even understanding what that means is beyond the grasp of not merely the uneducated but more and more the so called educated?

The American mind has been devastated and this is no accident, this is a part of the strategy of control. The ruling class simply cannot afford to have an educated population, because then we would catch on to this scam and maybe do something about it. So instead Americans are fed a steady diet of fear and terrorism and through this "control through fear" methodology the ruling class is able to keep their grip on power, to keep their spindly fingers tightly gripped around the necks of all Americans.

And as an escape Americans imbibe on Gender crises, tattoos, environmental issues or some bleeding heart charity thousands of miles away. Instead of confronting the real enemy, the real threat, the real problem, which is NOT a gender crisis, NOT a need for another tattoo, and NOT a well for an African Village, the threat and problem in the world today is the American ruling class, a fascist cabal who is rampaging around teh world perpetrating covert terror, false flag bombings here in America and Europe and devastating the Western African nations with the CIAs manufactured outbreak of Ebola.

Know your enemy!



The US. Government Funded Your Favorite ‘NSA-proof’ Software.

The Snowden revelations about the NSA’s spying programs have shocked the world. While there was earlier evidence of US government spying, few thought that the NSA would try to wire-tap the entire planet. Basically, our online communications were essentially sitting ducks for curious NSA employees. Soon after the Snowden leaks, software programs were being marketed as “NSA-proof” on websites like Prism-Break. Many people believed that these software programs would make them safer. The truth however is that many of these programs were actually funded by the US government. Recently, the Associated Press published a story on USAID’s plot to fund a twitter-like app named ZunZuneo to help foment unrest in Cuba. USAID is not the only US government agency financing technology projects.

For most software projects, there are no requirements to publish their funding sources. On many of the home-pages and download pages that were visited, there was no clear indication that any of the projects received US government funding. Perhaps the exception was the Tor Project which has a sponsors page, but even that was problematic. Most people would not have known that the Broadcasting Board of Governors, SRI International, or Radio Free Asia are either US government agencies or “quasi” US government agencies. The vast majority of Tor Project’s funding continues to be through US government funding. The Tor Project’s sponsors page also lists “An anonymous North American ISP” and “An anonymous North American NGO” which perhaps leads to even more questions. Even stranger, is a mysterious “Sponsor O” that is on Tor Project’s website. “Sponsor O” appears to be a US government agency (USG is a common abbreviation) that wants to finance a secure chat program. The Tor Project website states, “The contractor shall concentrate efforts on outreach to Iranian end users and potential supporters in the technology community; to include train the trainer sessions, advertising on social networks, and interviews on radio and television stations operated by and for the Iranian diaspora.” Despite numerous requests, Tor Project has refused to reveal the identity of “Sponsor O”.

Actual organizational chart from the Open Technology Fund website.

1970386_520865104699200_905208814_nAnother software program that has recently come into vogue with the NSA revelations is Cryptocat. There is no sponsors page on Cryptocat’s home page to be found. Buried deep in Cryptocat’s blog is an annual report which shows that it received over 95% of its funding from Radio Free Asia in 2012. While Radio Free Asia is listed as a private nonprofit, it largely functions as part of the US government. The US Congress established Radio Free Asia and funds Radio Free Asia under the supervision of the US government agency, the Broadcasting Board of Governors. In addition, the Broadcasting Board of Governors appoints the president of Radio Free Asia, and the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, also serves on Radio Free Asia’s corporate board. The Broadcasting Board of Governors is not a benign US government agency; it sees itself as a strategic part of the War on Terror and part of the US government’s soft power influence abroad. The Broadcasting Board of Governors even sees itself as combatting groups like Boko Haram and al Shabaab which the US government lists as terrorist organizations. The Broadcasting Board of Governor’s even stated in their 2014 Congressional budget request that, “the United States must retain a global information capacity as part of the country’s effective soft power projection.” Radio Free Asia funds many software projects through its Open Technology Fund including Cryptocat with received $184,000 between 2012 and 2013.

Cryptocat’s main developer, Nadim Kobessi tweeted:


Open Whisper Systems has built two apps that have gained considerable popularity after the NSA revelations. TextSecure, created by Open Whisper Systems, is a popular app for securing text chats. Open Whisper System’s other Android app called Redphone promises to encrypt phone calls. The RedPhone app actually runs on VoIP (voice over internet protocol), so it uses servers. After emailing Open Whisper System’s main developer, there were some interesting responses. Open Whisper System’s developer said that he does not use any server space provided by the Open Technology Fund, but refused to say who was actually hosting users’ data. When asked why the Open Technology Fund was not listed as a sponsor on Open Whisper System’s website, the developer replied, “RFA has no influence over what we do at all.” It is also important to point out that Open Whisper Systems’ developer sits on the Open Technology Fund’s advisory council. The developer also mentioned that Open Whisper Systems accepts funding from many organizations. So who else is funding Open Whisper Systems? No one knows; there’s still no sponsors listed on Open Whisper System’s home page. The Open Technology Fund listed Open Whisper Systems as accepting $455,000 in 2013.

Mailvelope promises to be an easy tool to help users encrypt their emails. Normally, email encryption programs are either built-in or additions to an email client. Mailvelope is different, because it is actually an extension for Google’s Chrome browser. Yes, that same Chrome browser which is notorious for tracking users and collecting data. Several people have warned not to use Mailvelope. They warned that it would be easy for Google to steal the encryption keys and thus rendering all the email encryption useless. In addition, Google, the maker of Chrome, knew about and participated in the NSA’s mass surveillance programs. Mailvelope does have a very tiny thank you to “Open Tecnology Fund(RFA)” at the bottom of its blog page for sponsoring a security audit. Mailvelope has received $140,320 from the Open Technology Fund.

In perhaps a bizarre coincidence, while the US government has been allegedly trying to extradite Julian Assange of Wikileaks, the US government also has been funding a similar project. Wikileaks and GlobalLeaks have similar sounding names, but they are completely different organizations. GlobalLeaks seeks to build a secure open source platform to make whistle-blowing easier. The GlobalLeaks website leads to Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights. The Hermes Center lists USAID Serbia and Radio Free Asia as its sponsors. Seeing USAID Serbia show up as a sponsor is extremely unusual. Back in the late 1990s, USAID Serbia was involved in overthrowing the Milosevic regime by funding protesters and opposition candidates to the tune of several million dollars; perhaps, that will be a story for another day. GlobalLeaks received $108,400 from the Open Technology Fund in 2012.

GlobalLeaks is hoping for more Open Technology Funding this year.


The Open Technology Fund also financed GSM Map by SRLabs. The GSM Map’s purpose is to find security vulnerabilities in mobile phone networks around the world with the aim to make mobile networks more secure. Most of the world uses the GSM standard for mobile phone networks: hence, the GSM Map. The financing for the project is not displayed anywhere on the website that could be found. GSM Map even asks users to download software and upload their own data for the project. Several country reports have been published on GSM Maps which shows security vulnerabilities in GSM networks such as the ability to track users, impersonate a user, and the ability to intercept data.

Open Technology Fund, a US government sponsored program comments on the “Cuban twitter” revelations. Irony?

Perhaps scariest of all is that the Open Technology Fund gave $1.1 million dollars to help build what is called a “Global Secure Cloud Infrastructure”. The Open Technology Fund’s website states that 10 internet freedom projects are now using this cloud. Which software projects are using the US government’s cloud? No one knows, because the Open Technology Fund refuses to tell anyone.

Security-In-A-Box seeks to train activists in the best methods for keeping safe online and their information secure. Security-In-A-Box is created by the Frontline Defenders(partially funded by Irish government) and the Tactical Tech Collective. Security-In-A-Box received $106,164 from the Open Technology Fund in 2013. Jillian C York, who works for the Electronics Frontier Foundation (EFF) and also sits on the Open Technology Fund’s Advisory Council, likes to recommend Security-In-A-Box to activists around the world including in the US. Cryptocat also promoted itself in the US through several hackathons(additional link). Tor Project also markets itself to activists in the US. Two Tor Project employees(additional link) even went to talk to Occupy Wall Street about how to use Tor.

When software projects receive funding from Radio Free Asia and market themselves to Americans, it might actually be illegal. The Smith-Mundt Act prohibited the US government from funding propaganda targeted at Americans. The NDAA 2013 (National Defense Authorization Act) repealed some of the language in the Smith-Mundt Act. Congress’ intent was to make news reports funded by the Broadcasting Board of Governors available on request to Americans. The partial repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act was never intended to fund and market software programs to Americans. In fact, the NDAA 2013 (HR 4310, Section 1078(c)) states, “No funds authorized to be appropriated to the Department of State or the Broadcasting Board of Governors shall be used to influence public opinion in the United States” (Smith-Mundt section).

Technology rights activist, Cory Doctorow, is a proud Open Technology Fund advisor.


If the Open Technology Fund had never published the projects that they sponsor, their true funding sources may have never been known. The most commonly used open source license still does not require any financial disclosure at all. Which ultimately leads to a question: who else is the US government funding?

Open Technology Fund’s 2013 annual report.


Our so called "leaders" will be happy to build more and more prisons, expanding what is already the world's most massive "for profit" prison system to an ever more ludicrous percentage of our total economy, and spending higher and higher percentages of our GDP to incarcerate Americans in those prisons.

This is because in "Copland" which America has already been transformed into by our political "leadership," there's billions of dollars to be made imprisoning people.

So as a solution, Voxnews proposes that we the people force our political leadership to institute laws which mandate hard ratios of spending be imposed on the prison system vs education, jobs programs, youth programs and arts programs for young people.

Every dollar spent on prison systems must be matched by a hard ratio on these other programs. Right now in "Copland America" which is what this place is, we spend on average around $40K per year to keep a prisoner in prison. and only around $10K per year to keep a child in Elementary and Secondary school. This is an obscene figure. This is what is going on in America.

Unless there is a mandatory spending limit on Prisons or a mandatory ratio of spending on social programs for every dollar spent on prisons then we will continue to hemorrhage more of our precious tax dollars to increase the numbers of Americans warehoused in these hellish for profit systems, most of which are owned by operated by former FBI officials.

Until we put the brakes on "copland" and return America to the people this country is no better than all of the other countries that our mainstream media is trying to hoodwink us every day into going to war against. Why would we go to war against another country because of their internal system or policies when the United States of America has the world most appalling internal situation, far worse than any situation in Iran, Syria, Russia, Cuba or any of the other boogy men that our political class, ruling class and mainstream media are tricking us into thinking are worse than us.


sources: US Census data and Vero Institute of Justice

The Gay Experiment That Started AIDS In America
By Alan Cantwell, M.D
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There is no doubt that AIDS erupted in the U.S. shortly after government-sponsored hepatitis B vaccine experiments (1978-1981) using gay men as guinea pigs. The epidemic was caused by the "introduction" of a new retrovirus (the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV for short); and the introduction of a new herpes-8 virus, the virus that causes Kaposi's sarcoma, widely known as the "gay cancer" of AIDS. The taboo theory that AIDS is a man-made disease is largely based on research showing an intimate connection between government vaccine experiments and the outbreak of "the gay plague" 

The widely accepted theory is that HIV/AIDS originated in a monkey or chimpanzee virus that "jumped species" in Africa. However, it is clear that the first AIDS cases were recorded in gay men in Manhattan in 1979, a few years before the epidemic was first noticed in Africa in 1982. It is now claimed that the human herpes-8 virus (also called the KS virus), discovered in 1994, also originated when a primate herpes virus jumped species in Africa. How two African species-jumping viruses ended up exclusively in gay men in Manhattan beginning in the late 1970s has never been satisfactorily explained.  
Researchers who claim AIDS is a man-made disease believe it is much more likely that these two primate viruses were introduced and spread during the government's recruitment of thousands of male homosexuals beginning in 1974.

Large numbers of gay men in Manhattan donated blood for the experimental hepatitis B vaccine trial, which took place at the New York Blood Center in Manhattan in 1978. Extensive evidence supporting the man-made theory of AIDS is easily found on the Internet by Googling: man-made origin of AIDS; and in my two books, "AIDS and the Doctors of Death" and "Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot." 

Government interest in "gay health" before the AIDS epidemic Advertizement placed by the US government in Village Voice newspaper in the late 1970sBeginning in the mid-1970s, government scientists became interested in the health of gay men, particularly in the realm of sexually-transmitted diseases, and specifically in the sexual transmission of the hepatitis B virus. The early 1970s was a time when large numbers of gays come out of the closet and identified themselves as homosexuals at government-sponsored health clinics. Organizations such as the Gay Men's Health Project were formed at this time. Promiscuous gays were avidly sought as volunteers to test the efficacy of a newly-developed hepatitis B vaccine manufactured by Merck and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 

By 1977 over 13,000 Manhattan gays were screened to secure the final 1083 men who would serve as guinea pigs to test the hepatitis B vaccine. The vaccine was manufactured from the combined plasma of 30 highly selected gay men who carried the hepatitis B virus in their blood. Developed over a period of 65 weeks during 1977-1978 and tested for six months in chimpanzees (the primate in which HIV is thought to have originated), the first group of gay men were inoculated at the New York Blood Center in November 1978.  

That same year a final cohort of 6875 homosexual men at the San Francisco City Clinic was assembled to study hepatitis B virus sexual transmission in that city. By the end of the decade gays in clinics in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and St. Louis, also came under surveillance by the Centers for Disease Control. An additional 1402 volunteers were finally selected to participate in similar vaccine experiments in those cities beginning in March 1980.  

Before 1978 there was no stored blood anywhere in the U.S. that tested positive for HIV or the KS virus. There were no cases of AIDS and no cases of "gay cancer" in young men.The first cases of AIDS appeared shortly after the experiment began in Manhattan. In June 1981 the epidemic became official and was quickly labeled the "gay ­related immune deficiency syndrome", later known as AIDS.  

The gay community was the most hated minority in America. After the experiments ended, the gay community was decimated by the "gay plague." In the first years of AIDS, the epidemic was largely ignored by the government (see Randy Shilt's best-seller, "And the Band Played On") and the disease was blamed on gay anal sex, drugs, and promiscuity. Gays were immediately labeled "high risk."  

In my view, what made gay men "high risk" was the fact that they were the exclusive volunteers for government medical experiments that undoubtedly put them at "high risk." The evidence for this conclusion is outlined in this report. Further evidence can be obtained from abstracts of scientific reports available on the Internet at the PubMed website of the National Library of Medicine.  

The gay hepatitis B experiments (1978-1981) 

The experimental hepatitis B vaccine injected into gays was unlike any other vaccine previously made. As stated, it was developed in chimpanzees and manufactured in a year-long process of sterilization and purification of the pooled blood of 30 gay men who were hepatitis B virus carriers.  

The final group of 1083 selected for the first experiment at the Blood Center were inoculated from November 1978 until October 1979. At one point, there was great concern that the vaccine might be contaminated. According to June Goodfield's Quest for the Killers, p 86, "This was no theoretical fear, contamination having been suspected in one batch made by the National Institutes of Health, though never in Merck's." Each gay man was given three inoculations of the vaccine over a period of three months. The vaccine proved successful with 96% of the men developing protective antibodies against the hepatitis B virus. 

It has been assumed by some that these men might have been already immunosuppressed due to promiscuity and venereal disease. Although the young men in the study were indeed "promiscuous" (this was a requirement for entrance into the study), they were in excellent health. Despite many previous sexual partners, these volunteers had never been infected with the hepatitis B virus, which was a requirement for participation in the experiment. Furthermore, the 96% success rate would not have been accomplished if the men were immunosuppressed, because such people often do not respond to the vaccine.

When Robert Gallo's blood test for HIV became available in the mid-1980s, the New York Blood Center's stored gay blood specimens were reexamined. Most astonishing is the fact that 20% of the gay men who volunteered for the hepatitis B experiment in Manhattan were discovered to be HIV-positive in 1980 (one year before the AIDS epidemic became "official" in 1981). This signifies that Manhattan gays in 1980 had the highest incidence of HIV anywhere in the world, including Africa, the supposed birthplace of HIV and AIDS. In addition, we now know that one out of five gay men (20%) tested positive for the new KS herpes-8 virus in 1982 when stored blood samples from an AIDS trial in New York City were re-examined by epidemiologists at the NCI in 1999.  

Never mentioned by AIDS historians is the fact that the New York Blood Center established a chimp virus laboratory for viral vaccine research in West Africa in 1974. One of the purposes of VILAB II, in Robertsfield, Liberia, was to develop the hepatitis B vaccine in chimps. The lab also prides itself by releasing "rehabilitated" (but virus-infected) chimps back into the wild, perhaps accounting for some of the ancestors of HIV and the KS virus found in the jungle by some government researchers. The Virus Cancer Program and the birth of AIDS In the decade before AIDS the Virus Cancer Program (1968-1980), sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, attempted to prove that viruses caused human cancer. Ultimately the Program was unsuccessful in providing proof, yet it succeeded in building up the field of animal retrovirology, which led to a more complete understanding of how cancer-causing and immunosuppressive viruses in animals might cause disease in humans. The VCP was also the birthplace of genetic engineering, molecular biology, and the human genome project. As the VCP was winding down in the late 1970s, the gay experiments began in New York City.  

The introduction of HIV and the KS herpes virus into gay men during this period (along with some "novel" and now-patented mycoplasmas discovered at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology) miraculously revived the career of Robert Gallo and made him the most famous virologist in the world. And, of course, turned the "failure" of the VCP into a triumph by providing proof that these primate-derived viruses could cause disease in humans.  

The fear of the hepatitis B vaccine 

When AIDS began there were scattered reports in the medical journals questioning whether the "gay plague" might have its origin in the hepatitis B experiments. It was well-known in medical circles that the vaccine was made from the pooled plasma of gay men - and there was fear that the AIDS agent might be in the vaccine. As a result, when the hepatitis B commercial vaccine became available in July 1982, many people refused to be injected with it.  

The fear of the vaccine was readily admitted by the CDC. Nevertheless, in detailed reports the CDC concluded that the vaccine was safe. Although it was clear the hepatitis B vaccine eliminated all "known" viruses, this obviously did not apply to "unknown" viruses at the time, such as HIV and the KS virus. 

After HIV was discovered in 1984 some of the vaccine was retested and declared free of HIV. Of course, it was impossible to say whether the vaccine contained the KS virus, because this virus was undiscovered until 1994. I am unaware of any subsequent testing of the vaccine for this herpes KS virus.  

Possible contamination problems with the hepatitis vaccine was the impetus that led Luc Montagnier to hunt for a virus in the new gay disease in the autumn of 1982. He began testing batches of human plasma for "reverse transcriptase activity", a biochemical sign indicating the possible presence of a retrovirus. (See page 46 of his book "Virus"). Montagnier's research eventually led to the first discovery of the AIDS virus at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.  

Although the CDC and the New York Blood Center claimed it was safe, many health professionals refused the hepatitis B vaccine. In 1985, only 23 out of 162 Rhode Island dentists agreed to take the vaccine because of concerns about AIDS. As late as 1990, 13 out of 14 black nurses at a university hospital refused to take the vaccine for the same reason. 

The fate of the gay men in the gay experiments 

The purpose of the gay experiments was to test a vaccine that could immunize people against hepatitis B virus. Infection with this virus could lead to severe liver disease and sometimes to liver cancer. Ironically, an unprecedented explosion of cancer took place in male homosexuals after the experiment. Reports of the fate of these men attest to the fact that participating in the government's experiments was clearly injurious to the health of gay men. 

Significantly, there were no reported blood specimens anywhere in the U.S. that were HIV-positive prior to the epidemic in 1979, except in the samples stored at the NYBC. In a May 12, 1983, letter to the editor of The New England Journal of Medicine, Cladd Stevens (who supervised the NYBC experiment) wrote : "No cases haves occurred in the vaccine recipients from populations at low risk of AIDS, and there is no excess incidence in the high-risk population." But this proved to be incorrect in later reports co-authored by Stevens.  

In a 1985 report Cladd Stevens et al. claimed that seven men (out of 1083) were HIV-positive before they received either vaccine or placebo. If true, this indicates that HIV (and possibly the KS virus) was already present in the blood of Manhattan homosexuals and could have contaminated the pooled blood of gays whose plasma was used to make the vaccine in 1977. 

As stated previously, a 1986 report in JAMA showed 20% of the men in the experiment were already infected with HIV by the end of 1981; and by 1984, more than 40% of the men were HIV-positive and doomed to death.  

Another follow-up study of 8,906 gay men who donated blood for the hepatitis experiments in Manhattan was released in 1992. Statistical analysis of this group showed that mortality rates for men aged 25-44 began to rise in the 1980s, with AIDS the leading cause of death among young men in New York City. Remarkably, "The all-cause mortality in this cohort in 1988 was 24 times higher that the mortality rate in the cohort before the beginning of the AIDS epidemic."  

Was the hepatitis B vaccine contaminated with HIV and the KS virus? 

Largely forgotten in AIDS history is the hepatitis B vaccine trial that also took place with 685 gay Dutch volunteers in Amsterdam between November 1980 and December 1981. Unlike the American vaccine makers, the Dutch researchers heated their experimental hepatitis B vaccine for added safety.  

A 1986 report of the trial clearly states the AIDS virus "was not transmitted by the heat inactivated hepatitis B vaccine." Of the 685 participants, five were already infected with HIV when the trial began. The researchers theorized that HIV entered the Dutch gay population at the end of the 1970s.  

Another follow-up Dutch report of this trial in 1993 again suggests the efficacy of heating the vaccine for safety. (The experimental vaccine was not heated in the U.S. until after all the gay experiments were completed.) At the end of 1982, one year after the Dutch experiment had ended, only As stated previously, a 1986 report in JAMA showed 20% of the men in the experiment were already infected with HIV by the end of 1981; and by 1984, more than 40% of the men were HIV-positive and doomed to death.  

7.5% of the Amsterdam men were infected. In contrast, 26.8% of the men in the New York experiment were HIV-positive; and a whopping 42.6% of the San Francisco men were HIV-positive. These statistics showing many men infected in the American trials in 1982 further prove that Cladd Stevens of the NYBC, and the CDC, were incorrect in declaring there was no excess incidence of AIDS in the "high-risk" gay male population. The fate of all the men who participated in the hepatitis B vaccine trials in six U.S cities has never been revealed. However, it is likely from the statistics presented in JAMA in 1986 that many, if not most, of the men eventually died of AIDS. The actual number of AIDS deaths has never been revealed, nor have the individual medical records been studied. Attempts to secure this information have been rebuffed by the Blood Center, due to the "confidential" nature of the experiment.  

"Gay Cancer" and the origin of AIDS After the introduction of HIV and the KS virus into the U.S. gay male population in the late 1970s, the incidence of KS skyrocketed.  

A 1989 report by Biggar found no cases of KS in young men in New York City during the years 1973-1976. But by 1985 the incidence of KS in "never-married men" in Manhattan had increased 1850 times. In San Francisco the rate of KS increased over 2000 times! 

KS is now 20,000 times more common in AIDS patients than in the general population. A 1985 autopsy study by Lee Moskowitz of 52 AIDS cases (23 Haitians, 19 gays, 5 intravenous drug abusers, 2 hemophiliacs, and 3 persons at unknown risk) showed that 94% of AIDS patients from the various risk groups had internal KS. The CDC claims KS now occurs in only 15% of gay men (down from 30% at the beginning of the epidemic), but these statistics are not based on current autopsy studies.

KS was never a sexually-transmitted disease before the introduction of HIV into gays. For a century after the first reported KS cases were discovered in Vienna in 1872, there was no evidence that KS could be transmitted from person-to-person.  

By 1950, a more aggressive "endemic" form of KS was uncovered in African blacks. Still, there was no evidence the disease was transmissible or contagious. Suddenly with the introduction of HIV into the homosexual community, scientists began to view KS as a contagious "gay cancer" out of Africa.  

The new KS virus is closely related to a monkey tumor virus, known as herpes virus saimiri, that was extensively studied by researchers in the VCP in the decade before the epidemic. Initially found only in KS from AIDS patients, the new KS virus has also been found in non-AIDS-related KS tumors and in other forms of cancer, such as lymphoma and multiple myeloma. 

HIV is a cancer-causing virus. Infection with HIV (with or without the KS virus) has resulted in a noticeable increase in various forms of cancer. A 2005 study of over 4000 AIDS patients showed higher rates of melanoma, basal and squamous cell skin carcinomas, anal carcinoma, prostate carcinoma, and Hodgkin disease, when compared with age-adjusted rates for the general United States population.  

The KS virus is now in the U.S. blood supply; and blood is not screened routinely for this virus. A 2001 study indicated that 15% of normal Texas blood donors showed evidence of KS virus infection in the blood. A 2002 study of healthy children (ages 4-13) in South Texas showed that 26% had antibodies to the KS virus in their blood.  

Is AIDS a man-made disease?  

How did these two viruses of primate origin get into the gay male population to cause AIDS and a contagious form of cancer? AIDS experts blame monkeys and chimps in the African jungle. My research indicates it is much more likely these viruses were introduced during government-sponsored hepatitis B experiments using gays as unsuspecting guinea pigs. Extensive documentation of past "secret medical experiments" by the government can be found on Google. A recent BBC news report (30 Nov 2004) uncovering unauthorized and dangerous HIV drug experiments on infants and children in New York City orphanages can be found by Googling: BBC + guinea pig kids. Until proven otherwise, a "new" HIV retrovirus and a "new" KS virus could easily have been developed in a laboratory as part of the Virus Cancer Program. In the decade before AIDS it was common to transfer and adapt primate retroviruses and herpes viruses into human cells in genetic engineering experiments. Such viruses were deemed potential "candidate human viruses," as clearly stated in the annual progress reports of the VCP. For further details on the relationship of the VCP to the introduction of HIV, Google: virus cancer program + AIDS.  

The connection between the hepatitis experiments and the AIDS epidemic was quickly dismissed by government authorities two decades ago. However, it is clear from a review of the scientific literature that the "gay plague" began immediately after the government experiments; and the experiments permanently damaged the health of the gay community, and led to continuing spread of HIV into the "general population."  

Are we to believe that all this is merely a coincidence -and that AIDS in America resulted simply from two viruses jumping species in the African jungle? Or is the origin of HIV and AIDS -and the KS virus- related to secret medical research and covert human testing, as suggested here.    



[Dr. Alan Cantwell is a retired dermatologist; and the author of five books on the man-made origin of AIDS and the infectious origin of cancer, all published by Aries Rising Press, PO Box 29532, Los Angeles, CA 90029 (www.ariesrisingpress.com). Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Abstracts of 30 published papers can be found at the PubMed website. Many of his personal writings can be found on www.google.com by typing in key words "alan cantwell" + articles. His latest book is Four Women Against Cancer: Bacteria, Cancer and the Origin of Life. His books are available on www.amazon.com and through Book Clearing House @ 1-800-431-1579] 


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Brace yourselves for the world's most subversive cartoon. Where massacres, severed body parts and evil oligarchs are where the fun begins.

         A new animation series by Voxnews.


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Voxnews applauds the courage and efforts of the Anonymous movement. 

Dispensing with the non existent "objectivity" the mainstream media fakes every moment of it's existence, when we cover an event or protest we find ourselves more thoroughly as protestors ourselves, then journalists. But we notice that Americans are so beaten, so lost, so apathetic, that few show up to protests these days. Their great last hope was Barack Obama and we all know how that turned out. Is it that they are still clinging to the empty hopes? Or is it that they just aren't informed how bad it is?

Of course every American should applaud any person or organization who stands up against this fascist filth. But they are not. But many still can't see who is on their side. Nevertheless, there will always be the real Americans, like the Anonymous collective and the real Occupy activists (not the FBI infiltrators). The real ones, the ones with the genuine American spirit, are out there every day confronting the most sinister and well financed juggernaut of death and suffering - the US Government and it's owners.

These true selfless movements, like Anonymous and Occupy are holding the torch for the hopes and dreams of the future of humankind. And the heroes, the whistleblowers, the hackers will be victorious. 

These movements play a vital role in the protection of our liberties. But they all seem to have self destruction mechanisms. The Anonymous movement does very much play a role in the never ending resistance to tyranny. They are on the frontiers of resistance. One problem though must be addressed in the Anonymous movement. It is too male-centric. I deplore any cliche about gender so this is not some impotent Neo Liberal cliche, but the Anonymous movement I believe should address it's overwhelmingly male iconographic representations. It's time to have both men and women on those iconic images of the movement, and if the movement must continue to use that fucking Time Warner copyright creation (which is another issue that should be more thoroughly addressed as to it's ultimate implications for a "liberation" movement) there should at least be some clearly female version. In it's current manifestation and iconography, it appeals mostly to adolescent and young males ages 16-24 from my observation. And this will forever limit the concept and movement as a whole. 

In the huge November Occupy march several years ago, there were teacher's unions joining in, nurses unions, AFLCIO, doctors, lawyers, elderly. That November march was a deeply moving experience precisely because it really was a broad cross section of us all. That massive November march was real momentum.

The Million Mask MArch however, failed to bring out the many diverse elements to make it great. Although we are angry and have a reason to be angry - Anger ONLY can work if all the other things are present, a deep philosophy, a deep understanding, a deep commitment to success, and a healthy sense of humor. Anger left out there all by itself shouting, "Fuck You NSA!, Fuck You NSA!," will not yield much results. So there needs to be a clear articulation of the philosophy and the anger (if done right) moves the whole thing along.

can And not to mention that the mask is both male AND a wholly owned copyright of Time Warner Inc. In other words every time you purchase one of these masks, TIME WARNER GETS PAID... which of course is an irony too hard to really deal with once it sinks in - It's not a resistance movement if you're paying your oppressor for the rights to use their logo over your face for "your" movement.

Also the iconography is somewhat limited, comprised primarily of a series of images that we associate with on a nightmarish level. One logo is a suit without a head, or several men in suits behind the smiling Guy Fawkes masks, the smile being anything but cheery. All these images strike at a deep sense of horror and terror. And the taglines, "We never forgive" "We never forget," are not likely to resonate with average sinners such as myself. Nor will nurses unions and teacher unions or the elderly don their Guy Fawkes masks and take to the streets shouting fuck the NSA! Yes of course we must definitely fuck the NSA but we can only do that with more elegant arguments than "Fuck the NSA!"

The idea that Anonymous represents is a big idea and worthy of inclusion in our lexicon, imaginations, and political discourse. But it is being shortchanged by press releases or announcements which seems to purposely scare off and marginalize large segments of society which might actually appreciate most of what the idea of anonymity is about. And so by scaring broad segments of society off, they also set back the cause of anonymity which is a very important cause to understand, defend and utilize.



We marched on the enemy in Washington. Coverage of the anonymous masked march through the source of most of the evil and state sponsored terrorism in the world today - Washington DC. . 





The Strange Case of Barrett Brown

Barrett Brown. (Photo courtesy of Barrett Brown’s YouTube channel.)

In early 2010, journalist and satirist Barrett Brown was working on a book on political pundits, when the hacktivist collective Anonymous caught his attention. He soon began writing about its activities and potential. In a defense of the group’s anti-censorship operations in Australia published on February 10, Brown declared, “I am now certain that this phenomenon is among the most important and under-reported social developments to have occurred in decades, and that the development in question promises to threaten the institution of the nation-state and perhaps even someday replace it as the world’s most fundamental and relevant method of human organization.”

About the Author

Peter Ludlow
Peter Ludlow, a professor of philosophy at Northwestern University, is currently co-producing (with Vivien Lesnik...

Also by the Author

WikiLeaks is not the one-off creation of a solitary genius, and with or without Julian Assange, it is not going away.

By then, Brown was already considered by his fans to be the Hunter S. Thompson of his generation. In point of fact he wasn’t like Hunter S. Thompson, but was more of a throwback—a sharp-witted, irreverent journalist and satirist in the mold of Ambrose Bierce or Dorothy Parker. His acid tongue was on display in his co-authored 2007 book, Flock of Dodos: Behind Modern Creationism, Intelligent Design and the Easter Bunny, in which he declared: “This will not be a polite book. Politeness is wasted on the dishonest, who will always take advantage of any well-intended concession.”

But it wasn’t Brown’s acid tongue so much as his love of minutiae (and ability to organize and explain minutiae) that would ultimately land him in trouble. Abandoning his book on pundits in favor of a book on Anonymous, he could not have known that delving into the territory of hackers and leaks would ultimately lead to his facing the prospect of spending the rest of his life in prison. In light of the bombshell revelations published by Glenn Greenwald and Barton Gellman about government and corporate spying, Brown’s case is a good—and underreported—reminder of the considerable risk faced by reporters who report on leaks.

In February 2011, a year after Brown penned his defense of Anonymous, and against the background of its actions during the Arab Spring, Aaron Barr, CEO of the private intelligence company HBGary, claimed to have identified the leadership of the hacktivist collective. (In fact, he only had screen names of a few members). Barr’s boasting provoked a brutal hack of HBGary by a related group called Internet Feds (it would soon change its name to “LulzSec”). Splashy enough to attract the attention of The Colbert Report, the hack defaced and destroyed servers and websites belonging to HBGary. Some 70,000 company e-mails were downloaded and posted online. As a final insult to injury, even the contents of Aaron Barr’s iPad were remotely wiped.

The HBGary hack may have been designed to humiliate the company, but it had the collateral effect of dropping a gold mine of information into Brown’s lap. One of the first things he discovered was a plan to neutralize Glenn Greenwald’s defense of Wikileaks by undermining them both. (“Without the support of people like Glenn, wikileaks would fold,” read one slide.) The plan called for “disinformation,” exploiting strife within the organization and fomenting external rivalries—“creating messages around actions to sabotage or discredit the opposing organization,” as well as a plan to submit fake documents and then call out the error.” Greenwald, it was argued, “if pushed,” would “choose professional preservation over cause.”

Other plans targeted social organizations and advocacy groups. Separate from the plan to target Greenwald and WikiLeaks, HBGary was part of a consortia that submitted a proposal to develop a “persona management” system for the United States Air Force, that would allow one user to control multiple online identities for commenting in social media spaces, thus giving the appearance of grassroots support or opposition to certain policies.

The data dump from the HBGary hack was so vast that no one person could sort through it alone. So Brown decided to crowdsource the effort. He created a wiki page, called it ProjectPM, and invited other investigative journalists to join in. Under Brown’s leadership, the initiative began to slowly untangle a web of connections between the US government, corporations, lobbyists and a shadowy group of private military and information security consultants.

One connection was between Bank of America and the Chamber of Commerce. WikiLeaks had claimed to possess a large cache of documents belonging to Bank of America. Concerned about this, Bank of America approached the United States Department of Justice. The DOJ directed it to the law and lobbying firm Hunton and Williams, which does legal work for Wells Fargo and General Dynamics and also lobbies for Koch Industries, Americans for Affordable Climate Policy, Gas Processors Association, Entergy among many other firms. The DoJ recommended that Bank of America hire Hunton and Williams, explicitly suggesting Richard Wyatt as the person to work with. Wyatt, famously, was the lead attorney in the Chamber of Commerce’s lawsuit against the Yes Men.

In November 2010, Hunton and Williams organized a number of private intelligence, technology development and security contractors—HBGary, plus Palantir Technologies, Berico Technologies and, according to Brown, a secretive corporation with the ominous name Endgame Systems—to form “Team Themis”—‘themis’ being a Greek word meaning “divine law.” Its main objective was to discredit critics of the Chamber of Commerce, like Chamber Watch, using such tactics as creating a “false document, perhaps highlighting periodical financial information,” giving it to a progressive group opposing the Chamber, and then subsequently exposing the document as a fake to “prove that US Chamber Watch cannot be trusted with information and/or tell the truth.” In addition, the group proposed creating a “fake insider persona” to infiltrate Chamber Watch. They would “create two fake insider personas, using one as leverage to discredit the other while confirming the legitimacy of the second.” The leaked e-mails showed that similar disinformation campaigns were being planned against WikiLeaks and Glenn Greenwald.

It was clear to Brown that these were actions of questionable legality, but beyond that, government contractors were attempting to undermine Americans’ free speech—with the apparent blessing of the DOJ. A group of Democratic congressmen asked for an investigation into this arrangement, to no avail.

By June 2011, the plot had thickened further. The FBI had the goods on the leader of LulzSec, one Hector Xavier Monsegur, who went under the nom de guerre Sabu. The FBI arrested him on June 7, 2011, and (according to court documents) turned him into an informant the following day. Just three days before his arrest, Sabu had been central to the formation of a new group called AntiSec, which comprised his former LulzSec crew members, as well as members as Anonymous. In early December AntiSec hacked the website of a private security company called Stratfor Global Intelligence. On Christmas Eve, it released a trove of some 5 million internal company e-mails. AntiSec member and Chicago activist Jeremy Hammond has pled guilty to the attack and is currently facing ten years in prison for it.

The contents of the Stratfor leak were even more outrageous than those of the HBGary hack. They included discussion of opportunities for renditions and assassinations. For example, in one video, Statfor’s vice president of intelligence, Fred Burton, suggested taking advantage of the chaos in Libya to render Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who had been released from prison on compassionate grounds due to his terminal illness. Burton said that the case “was personal.” When someone pointed out in an e-mail that such a move would almost certainly be illegal—“This man has already been tried, found guilty, sentenced…and served time”—another Stratfor employee responded that this was just an argument for a more efficient solution: “One more reason to just bugzap him with a hellfire. :-)”

(Stratfor employees also seemed to take a keen interest in Jeremy Scahill’s writings about Blackwater in The Nation, copying and circulating entire articles, with comments suggesting a principle interest was in the question of whether Blackwater was setting up a competing intelligence operation. E-mails also showed grudging respect for Scahill: “Like or dislike Scahill’s position (or what comes of his work), he does an amazing job outing [Blackwater].”)

When the contents of the Stratfor leak became available, Brown decided to put ProjectPM on it. A link to the Stratfor dump appeared in an Anonymous chat channel; Brown copied it and pasted it into the private chat channel for ProjectPM, bringing the dump to the attention of the editors.

Brown began looking into Endgame Systems, an information security firm that seemed particularly concerned about staying in the shadows. “Please let HBGary know we don’t ever want to see our name in a press release,” one leaked e-mail read. One of its products, available for a $2.5 million annual subscription, gave customers access to “zero-day exploits”—security vulnerabilities unknown to software companies—for computer systems all over the world. Business Week published a story on Endgame in 2011, reporting that “Endgame executives will bring up maps of airports, parliament buildings, and corporate offices. The executives then create a list of the computers running inside the facilities, including what software the computers run, and a menu of attacks that could work against those particular systems.” For Brown, this raised the question of whether Endgame was selling these exploits to foreign actors and whether they would be used against computer systems in the United States. Shortly thereafter, the hammer came down.

The FBI acquired a warrant for Brown’s laptop, gaining the authority to seize any information related to HBGary, Endgame Systems, Anonymous and, most ominously, “email, email contacts, ‘chat’, instant messaging logs, photographs, and correspondence.” In other words, the FBI wanted his sources.

When the FBI went to serve Brown, he was at his mother’s house. Agents returned with a warrant to search his mother’s house, retrieving his laptop. To turn up the heat on Brown, the FBI initiated charges against his mother for obstruction of justice for concealing his laptop computer in her house. (Facing criminal charges, on March 22, 2013, his mother, Karen McCutchin, pled guilty to one count of obstructing the execution of a search warrant. She faces up to twelve months in jail. Brown maintains that she did not know the laptop was in her home.)

By his own admission, the FBI’s targeting of his mother made Brown snap. In September 2012, he uploaded an incoherent YouTube video, in which he explained that he had been in treatment for an addiction to heroin, taking the medication Suboxone, but had gone off his meds and now was in withdrawal. He threatened the FBI agent that was harassing his mother, by name, warning:

I know what’s legal, I know what’s been done to me.… And if it’s legal when it’s done to me, it’s going to be legal when it’s done to FBI Agent Robert Smith—who is a criminal.”

That’s why [FBI special agent] Robert Smith’s life is over. And when I say his life is over, I’m not saying I’m going to kill him, but I am going to ruin his life and look into his fucking kids…. How do you like them apples?”

The media narrative was immediately derailed. No longer would this be a story about the secretive information-military-industrial complex; now it was the sordid tale of a crazy drug addict threatening an FBI agent and his (grown) children. Actual death threats against agents are often punishable by a few years in jail. But Brown’s actions made it easier for the FBI to sell some other pretext to put him away for life.

The Stratfor data included a number of unencrypted credit card numbers and validation codes. On this basis, the DOJ accused Brown of credit card fraud for having shared that link with the editorial board of ProjectPM. Specifically, the FBI charged him with traffic in stolen authentication features, access device fraud and aggravated identity theft, as well as an obstruction of justice charge (for being at his mother’s when the initial warrant was served) and charges stemming from his threats against the FBI agent. All told, Brown is looking at century of jail time: 105 years in federal prison if served sequentially. He has been denied bail.

Considering that the person who carried out the actual Stratfor hack had several priors and is facing a maximum of ten years, the inescapable conclusion is that the problem is not with the hack itself but with Brown’s journalism. As Glenn Greenwald remarked inThe Guardian: “It is virtually impossible to conclude that the obscenely excessive prosecution he now faces is unrelated to that journalism and his related activism.”

Today, Brown is in prison and ProjectPM is under increased scrutiny by the DOJ, even as its work has ground to a halt. In March, the DOJ served the domain hosting service CloudFlare with a subpoena for all records on the ProjectPM website, and in particular asked for the IP addresses of everyone who had accessed and contributed to ProjectPM, describing it as a “forum” through which Brown and others would “engage in, encourage, or facilitate the commission of criminal conduct online.” The message was clear: Anyone else who looks into this matter does so at their grave peril.

Some journalists are now understandably afraid to go near the Stratfor files. The broader implications of this go beyond Brown; one might think that what we are looking at is Cointelpro 2.0—an outsourced surveillance state—but in fact it’s worse. One can’t help but infer that the US Department of Justice has become just another security contractor, working alongside the HBGarys and Stratfors on behalf of corporate bidders, with no sense at all for the justness of their actions; they are working to protect corporations and private security contractors and give them license to engage in disinformation campaigns against ordinary citizens and their advocacy groups. The mere fact that the FBI’s senior cybersecurity advisor has recently moved to Hunton and Williams shows just how incestuous this relationship has become. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice is also using its power and force to trample on the rights of citizens like Barrett Brown who are trying to shed light on these nefarious relationships. In order to neutralize those who question or investigate the system, laws are being reinterpreted or extended or otherwise misappropriated in ways that are laughable—or would be if the consequences weren’t so dire.

While the media and much of the world have been understandably outraged by the revelation of the NSA’s spying programs, Barrett Brown’s work was pointing to a much deeper problem. It isn’t the sort of problem that can be fixed by trying to tweak a few laws or by removing a few prosecutors. The problem is not with bad laws or bad prosecutors. What the case of Barrett Brown has exposed is that we confronting a different problem altogether. It is a systemic problem. It is the failure of the rule of law.

Journalist Michael Hastings, 33, died in a car crash yesterday. Read Greg Mitchell’s obituary here.


The dark hand of the private, ultra right wing, clandestine intelligence operatives will continue to program children to kill other children. The stakes are too high for the oligarchic powers whose survival is at stake. They simply MUST maintain a constant STRATEGY OF TENSION and destabilization or else they will lose the war to control the minds of the American people and thus their ability maintain their grip on power.

Right now their principle method of this proven strategy of tension, is school shootings. The purpose is multifold. The main purpose is the implementation of a total police state, not for our protection but to protect the ruling class from the coming revolution. The oligarchy understands that their theft, militarism and wrongdoing is so great, so oppressive, so systemic that unless they can divert our attention away from their crimes and get us to focus on the crimes of their programmed assassins (in other words - what APPEARS to be coming from the people) that we would rise up and tear this filth to shreds. No one knows more than the ruling class, the historic realities that often occur to oligarchies when they get as out of hand as the US oligarchy has clearly gotten. They know that the American people are reaching a historic breaking point. And so their only "strategy" is random killings at the moment. This is the extent of the "creativity" of our private covert networks. 

But they needn't be too creative because they have lot of help in pushing these fear operations through to successful conclusions.

The aim to force a repeal of the 2nd amendment which they must do prior to their "final solution" that they in store for the American population and the world.

Each and every single mass shooting and school shooting is shrouded in secrecy and in extremely suspicious circumstances. All of the shootings bear the hallmarks of intelligence operations NOT random lone gunman style incidents.

It is a simple matter for the intelligence services to program a human to shoot and kill another human and then turn the gun on themselves and thus get rid of the evidence. The technology and techniques were developed by the CIA in the 1950s and have been perfected in the following years.

Robert Kennedy, Martin Luthor King, John Lennon, were all victims of CIA programmed assassins. But this programming is no longer the sole dominion of the CIA, because the CIA at this point is too unreliable and too sloppy and to much in the public eye.

These deep black operations exist within the realms of billion dollar private intelligence corporations with names we have never heard of. Blackwater and Kroll and Vinelli corporations (private killing corporations) are like girl scouts compared to the real networks whose names we do not know and whom are behind this wave of the programming of children to kill other children.

And these murderous covert operations have key media personalities which prevent any inquiry into this realm. Media prostitutes like Rachel Maddow deny the very existence of PROJECT MK ULTRA (the well known and documented mind control program in the 1950s and 60s)

The US government doesn't even deny the existence of this MK Ultra mind control program , which used hypnosis and mind altering drugs for the purposes of creating a programmed assassin - They admitted this in 1978 during the famous House Select Committee on Assassinations, headed by Congressman Frank Church, yet 34 years later, the controlled opposition represented by Mrs Maddow, is claiming that this program never existed?

It is a well known fact that Project MK Ultra is very real, why then is Rachel Maddow now telling us that it never happened? It's documented and not even denied by the US government - yet Maddow is trying to "inform" us that it never happened.

Voxnews strongly questions Mrs Maddow's credentials and motivations, and we're more than interested in who she REALLY works for.

Maddow represents the Neo Liberal trickery, the deal that Maddow represents for her Military Industrial Complex handlers (she works for the military industrial complex) is as follows. We'll throw you former vast segments of society who were formally against war, these tiny little scraps of "gender progressiveness" to satisfy your liberal emotional attachment to delusions that you are progressive and you just keep your mouths SHUT about our ILLEGAL RAMPANT MILITARISTIC CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY posing as humanitarian aid.

Great deal from Maddow right? Wrong, she's a shill for the military industry, plain and simple. The ruling class has decided that it is really no skin off their hide to toss the American people scraps of gender adventurism in the form of Maddow.

Nevermind Maddow's tirades that the Government would never ever consider doing anything wrong and that Republicans are the evil force. No doubt Republicans are slimy little rats working for the Industrial Complex so they are an enemy, but Maddow fails to tell you that Democrats get MORE money from the Military industrial complex that republicans, she doesn't bother to mention that. Thanks Maddow, (fucking scumbag)


OK so it's all been verified. Every single move you make is recorded, tracked, traced and archived in a massive database organized by your name, social security number, birthday. Soon able to be accessed by any local police officer or government agency. And hardly a whisper out of any of you about this?

What will it take, must they break down your doors and stick a hot poker up your asses? Will you have a bit of a protest then?

Or must they kill your whole family, would that get a reaction from you?

Oh it would?!? Really?

OK so what about the hot poker up the ass?

Oh, you'd protest that too? are you sure? really?

OK so you would protest the hot poker up the ass, very good, we're getting somewhere. Now lets backtrack a little. What if they broke down your door and came right in and installed cameras in every room and informed you that you were not to meddle with these cameras under threat of imprisonment? Would that rankle you a little bit? It would? are you sure? OK lets move on then.

What if they came in and installed cameras in every room in your house while you were out. And when you returned there were all these cameras and a note on the door from a neighbor that there was a bunch of guys in black suits with wires in their ears seen entering your house earlier. Would you be a bit curious about what was going on? I mean would you at least think it was newsworthy enough to tell your friends on facebook? "Wow what a weird day, just got back from inking the color in the comedy tragedy masks that i'm adding to the circus scene on my foreskin, and there's all these camera's in my house, what gives?"

OK so i'll just assume that you would indeed raise an eyebrow at presence of cameras that were previously not present.

Lets move on.

They entered your house surreptitiously, and installed covert hidden bugging devices on all your computers, internet connections and telephones? All without your knowledge nor that of your neighbor. And when you returned you were unaware that anything had occurred. But months (or years) later you overhear rumors that the government had all along been recording your life with all these bugs and wiretaps and that they had it all stored in a massive database in a mega storage facility carved into the depths at the foot of a mountain in utah? Would this concern you? It would? Are you sure?

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The 2009 Nobel "Peace" Prize winner, Mr, Barack Obama, is in hot pursuit for the capture, imprisonment and possible execution of the 1013 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Edward Snowden. The paradoxes and ironies are for all to see. The mainstream media is busy painting Snowden as a traitor, shoring up their key demographic, their only demographic, the 20% of the dumbest of the dumb, into actually "believing" Snowden to be a traitor.

There are some analysts who are pointing out that Snowden himself may not be what he is purporting to be. The leading political analyst Webster Tarpley writes that snowmen is a triple agent, still working for the NSA. If so, this would explain Snowden's rapid rise to media prominence (literally just minutes from total obscurity to being the center of attention of all networks for days) and sudden media blackout because someone had to throw a wrench in the NSA's plans and nominate Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize!

It would seem unlikely that the NSA would want Snowden (whether or not he is still an undercover agent for the agency) to receive such vaunted recognition such as the Nobel Peace Prize. That wouldn't seem to fit within the narrative they have been orchestrating for their purposes, should it turn out that Snowden is still working in deep cover. The narrative they have been promoting is, "Yes we are doing Total Surveillance! Yes there is nothing you can do about it. And, yes everyone agrees that people like Snowden who don't appreciate the police state can and should be crushed!"

How in the world would it look though having the 2009 Nobel peace Prize Recipient hunt, capture, imprison and possibly put to death the winner of the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize? Now that's an irony, isn't it? But it's not a surprise. The best ironies used to arrive as surprises but in US international affairs, they are a cynical formulaic methodologies that seem these days to garner more blowback than usual, more goof ups than ever and more unexpected and undesirable results. It causes a thinking analyst to suggest that our intelligence establishment has reached the end of the rope in terms of usefulness, effectiveness, and outright lawlessness and should probably be considered for dismantling.

The American population is not known for their appreciation of irony, they seldom recognize it, even when it presents itself in such stark light.  IN a perfect countermove, European powers may pressure the Nobel Prize committee into awarding Snowden the big prize! - as a defiant gesture to the US. Such a move should ordinarily present a public relations dilemma for the US, not to mention an international crisis in lawlessness and outright fascist belligerence for the whole world to witness.

However in light of the nearly non existent response from groups within the US who were traditionally opposed to US government policies it is not certain whether the US has any electoral reasons to reel in their aggression against the people of the US and the entire world.
Is there a way to slow down the US government's blanket assaults on international law, human rights, civil liberties, dissenters, whistleblowers, rule of law, and basic fundamental truths?

At this point, the fascism is so "in our faces" and we are, so "lets do doing nothing about it" that, why in the world, shouldn't the fascists dispense with even the false surfaces  that they are here as a "force of good" and just roll out full blown, full steam, naked fascism? 

The US ruling class has seen clearly how little of the traditional opposition to their policies still exists.

The Left in the US has all but dried up. With only a few still clinging onto the empty rhetoric of the "hope and change" which never materialized. The rest of the former left are just hopeless and apathetic and generally completely inactive on matters involving things such as "rights." The left has lost the passions for this long struggle. The left is unaware of what their rights are, they are unfamiliar with the philosophies behind the various rights that have been described as inalienable, inseparable from our existence as human beings.


How genius it was of them to put Barack Obama in and by doing so - totally silence any opposition to their plans for us all.

How genius they were to completely eliminate all opposition to war from the groups MOST traditionally opposed to war, (gays and women) by simply renaming it an "Equal Opportunity" and not what it really is, which is a crime against innocence, a crime against humanity.

How genius they were. How genius!

If Obama sent a drone over to kill a post Nobel Prize winning Snowden, could such an act, "raise a few eyebrows," at least, in the somnambulistic left? The, "progressives?"

Seeing what we have seen from this collection of utter sheep called Liberals, they might just dig deep and come up with some brilliant way out of their moral abyss and say, "Well, Snowden did break the law!"


Know Your Enemy!





What is the real cost of the war on drugs? This video Lays it out.


nation of fear

Over the past 50 years, an American was 13 times more likely to be struck by lightening, more likely to be killed by a bee sting and 164 times more likely to die slipping or drowning in their bathrooms, than from a terrorist attack. Yet in the name of terrorism which has killed far fewer people in fifty years than bathtubs do in several months, our fear pushing, so called, "leaders" are trying to con us all into giving up our rights, giving up all of our money to the military weapons manufacturers who control them, shredding the constitution, spreading worldwide perpetual war, killing and mutilating hundreds of thousands of innocent people throughout the world (in the name of "protecting us" but we all know it's to steal the oil) and transforming this once rich "land of opportunity" into a poor country increasingly isolated and hated by more and more people and nations throughout the world.

Next time some slimy little politician tries to con you with his big terrorism fear rubbish, our recommendation is to THROW HIM OUT OF OFFICE!

They are lying to you because they are getting paid to lie to you. They are lying to you because they think they can make a name for themselves serving the Wall Street military arms manufacturers. They are trying to trick you all because they know that fear is the easiest way to trick people into doing exactly what they want you to do.

killer bathtubNext time they try to scare you into forking over all your money so that they can protect us, tell them to go after the bathtubs - they kill more Americans in two months than terrorism has in 50 years. And that's a fact.

(data compiled from NIH and CDC data)

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