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Schools Not Cops

Our so called "leaders" will be happy to build more and more prisons, expanding what is already the world's most massive "for profit" prison system to an ever more ludicrous percentage of our total economy, and spending higher and higher percentages of our GDP to incarcerate Americans in those prisons.

This is because in "Copland" which America has already been transformed into by our political "leadership," there's billions of dollars to be made imprisoning people.

So as a solution, Voxnews proposes that we the people force our political leadership to institute laws which mandate hard ratios of spending be imposed on the prison system vs education, jobs programs, youth programs and arts programs for young people.

Every dollar spent on prison systems must be matched by a hard ratio on these other programs. Right now in "Copland America" which is what this place is, we spend on average around $40K per year to keep a prisoner in prison. and only around $10K per year to keep a child in Elementary and Secondary school. This is an obscene figure. This is what is going on in America.

Unless there is a mandatory spending limit on Prisons or a mandatory ratio of spending on social programs for every dollar spent on prisons then we will continue to hemorrhage more of our precious tax dollars to increase the numbers of Americans warehoused in these hellish for profit systems, most of which are owned by operated by former FBI officials.

Until we put the brakes on "copland" and return America to the people this country is no better than all of the other countries that our mainstream media is trying to hoodwink us every day into going to war against. Why would we go to war against another country because of their internal system or policies when the United States of America has the world most appalling internal situation, far worse than any situation in Iran, Syria, Russia, Cuba or any of the other boogy men that our political class, ruling class and mainstream media are tricking us into thinking are worse than us.


sources: US Census data and Vero Institute of Justice

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