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In this breathtaking interview, original Al Qaeda fighter Sheikh Nabeel Naim exposes modern islamist jihadist movements AlQaeda and ISIS as tools of US intelligence. 

The interview text:

- With us here in the studio Sheikh Nabeel Naim former founder of Jihad Organization & expert in Islamist groups, welcome..

Noting that you were in Afghanistan with Osama Bin Laden & Dr. Ayman Zawahri, in accommodation and also in prison with Dr. Ayman Zawahri, can we say now you retired from Al-Qaeda?

Nabeel Naiem: Not really, they are the ones who deviated, we went there to fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and there was almost a unanimous agreement among Islamic clerics that time on that (Jihad against Soviets), and after that they deviated and turned their activities against Islamic and Arabic countries, and they committed the prohibited which is killing Muslims, and at the same time after the death of Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda turned into a mercenary (group)..

- You are one of the founders of Jihad in Egypt, and you were at the beginning times of Al-Qaeda so to speak, can a member of that rank distance himself from Al-Qaeda, leave the organization? Will the organization leave him? Some say it is not accepted in the ideology of the organization..

Nabeel Naiem: No, the organization deviated, they became Takfiris, they are killing Muslims.. Am I fighting Jihad (holy war) to go to hell or seeking heaven?!

What is the cause of Jihad? (whoever kills a believer intentionally – his recompense is Hell, wherein he will abide eternally, and Allah has become angry with him and has cursed him and has prepared for him a great punishment) [Quran 4:93]

- Did they call you a Kafir (non-believer) now?

Nabeel Naiem: The high ranks, like Ayman, no they did not, but the small lads they’re the ones who consider me Kafir.

- The natural question one would ask: Why wouldn’t some who consider you Kafir try to assassinate you?

Nabeel Naiem: No, I’m a legend.. I have a history those same boys are astonished with my history, and they wonder why I changed, I was the cloud above those boys..

I was a solid warrior and I fought and have a horrible history whether inside Egypt or outside it, I’m not just a lad, or someone who just joined, I was everything in the organization..

- I mean now after the Takfiri ideology (labeling people as Kuffar – non-believers) why nobody tried to liquidate you with this Takfiri ideology?

Nabeel Naiem: This is with God’s grace upon me, and then I have a history.. When they get to know my history.. none of them have achieved the history I did.

- Back to the question, I understand you’re telling me the main structure of Al-Qaeda does not exist anymore.. Are we talking now about schism? Can we say that (Daesh) ISIS is part of Al-Qaeda?

Nabeel Naiem: No, the old commanders have left the whole organization, only Ayman is left and around him a few we call them mentally retarded or crazy, Takfiri people.. But all the founders have left, some died and the others just left..

As for ISIS, it follows the ideology of Al-Qaeda organization, which was founded by Sayyed Imam Sherif and put it in his book Al Jamei Fi Talab Al-ilm Al Sharif (Bible of Seeking Honorable Learning), & it’s one of the most dangerous books circulated in the world, and it’s translated to all languages by the way, Kurdish, Urdu, Persian, Turkish.. etc.

- You say that ISIS is a branch of Al-Qaeda?

Nabeel Naiem: It adopts the ideology of Al-Qaeda. ISIS was established in 2006, we created Al-Qaeda since 1989.

- Explain to me now the position of Dr. Ayman Zawahri from ISIS and Abu Bakr Baghdadi (head of ISIS), what do they consider him?

Nabeel Naiem: He (Zawahri) asked Abu Bakr Baghdadi to pledge allegiance to him (as the Emir..) but Abu Bakr Baghdadi, since he’s basically a U.S. agent, told him: we are the people of cause, the cause of liberating Iraq, Syria and so.. You’re the one who should pledge allegiance to us, Ayman (Zawahri) refused so there was a dispute and a fight between them.

- How he is an American agent? Explain to us how?

Nabeel Naiem: It is known that the USA released him from prison and he spent 20 to 30 million US Dollars to establish these ISIS groups and the first ISIS camps were established in Jordan, and Jordan doesn’t allow camps for charity, when Jordan establish camps to train terrorist groups, it doesn’t do that out of good will and charity, these camps were supervised by the Marines, and the arming of ISIS is all American.. and how do they arrange their expenses? I was in charge of a camp of 120 men, we were spending thousands of thousands (of dollars).. food, drinks, weapons, munition, training..

- Excuse me, you’re talking about ISIS? You were in charge of an ISIS camp?

Nabeel Naiem: No, I am telling you I was once in charge of a camp of 120 men and we were spending that time thousands (of Dollars), imagine how much this ISIS is spending?! Let me tell you something.. The wounded from ISIS during (terrorist) operations, are they being treated here in Lebanon? No, neither in Syria, nor in Saudi nor in Egypt, where do they go? They go to Israel. Now as we speak there are 1,500 of ISIS & Nusra (Front) are in Tel Aviv hospitals.

- From where this information?

Nabeel Naiem: Where are their wounded? Don’t they have wounded? Where are they being treated? This is well known..

- They have field hospitals, and it’s remarkable that they have a number of doctors in their ranks, even doctors from European countries..

Nabeel Naiem: Yes, the field doctor would only give first aid until you reach the hospital.

- You mentioned an important point about financing, I read for your a lot actually when at the beginning of Al-Qaeda when talking about Osama Bin Laden you were talking about self-financing..

Nabeel Naiem: Osama was spending by himself, but before Osama there was the International Islamic Relief Organization and the connection between us and them was Dr. Abdulla Azzam, then we had some issues with Adbulla Azzam so he cut off from us the money and expenses so we replaced him with Osama Bin Laden, and the brothers in Al-Qaeda, mainly from the GCC countries called him Emir of Arabs.

- You just mentioned that 120 members required thousands, we are talking about a structure spread worldwide, could this be understood in the context of self-financing reaching ISIS today? I’ll read what the British Independent Newspaper said, it reveals there are a number of donors from Saudi who played an essential role in establishing Jihadist groups since over 30 years, that’s why I ask you about the beginnings as you were there then.. It’s a CIA report and it’s after September 11 attacks and it suggests Al-Qaeda had relied on middlemen who collected money from Saudi & other GCC donors..

Nabeel Naiem: This is ‘crap’ what the Independent says, these are foolish people, a fool journalist who doesn’t know what to say. First of all, the donations of GCC citizens to the Jihadist groups in Afghanistan was known and done publicly and it was advertised in newspapers and on TV, what is this Independent guy adding?

I’m one of the people who took more than a thousand free air tickets from the International Islamic Relief Organization

- Please explain what are you aiming at with the International Islamic Relief Org.?

Nabeel Naiem: It was paying our expenses while we were in the Afghani Jihad, bring weapons, ammunition, training, food, drinks.. all of this we were getting from the Islamic Relief Org.. they were spending..

- This is what I meant, Islamic Relief Org. is specialized in collecting Zakat (charity) and it’s in Saudi (Arabia)..

Nabeel Naiem: These are fools.. Prince Sulaiman Bin Abdul Aziz was in charge of it, it was not running loose you just grab what you want and go on.. It was Saudi Intelligence and Prince Sulaiman Bin Abdul Aziz was in charge of it, it wasn’t a loose charity you fill your pockets and walk, No.

Secondly, there was a hospital called Kuwaiti Crescent Hospital, it had 250 beds, it had all kinds of operations, and it had doctors employed there, money (budget), medicine, used to spend millions, it was under Kuwaiti (Red) Crescent.

So what new this Independent is telling? USA itself was supporting Hikmatyar.. Who brought Stinger missiles to the Afghani Mujahideen? The missiles which badly hurt the USSR? It was brought in by the USA..

- This is the point you mentioned when talking about Al-Qaeda, USA supported Al-Qaeda because it was fighting Russia, today when we come closer to this region, who supports who in favor of who? ISIS works for who?

Nabeel Naiem: Look, there’s nothing constant in these matters, take for example after Russia was defeated (in Afghanistan) the Americans wanted to get rid of the Arab Afghanis, and in fact the Arab Afghanis were arrested, deported and some like us were jailed, so Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan was struck by September 11 attacks and after Osama Bin Laden’s death Al-Qaeda was bought by the Qatari Intelligence, and I tell you during the International Conference of Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) in Istanbul, Qatar decided to create a fund to sponsor Free Egyptian Army and paid 1 billion dollar for it, and the person in charge of this fund is Ali Kurrah Zadah, Muslim Brotherhood official in Turkey, this is the finance, not like someone says 1 sheikh is donating..!

- This is one side, what’s important to know is what ISIS wants from Iraq? Is it the issue of borders? The borders strategy? Borders war? But this ideology is trans-borders it seems, how did ISIS expand from Syria into Iraq? What does it want exactly from Iraq?

Nabeel Naiem: No dear, ISIS started in Iraq, and Ibrahim Abu Bakr Baghdadi is Iraqi (national), and after that they were given camps to train in Jordan and they smuggled into Syria from Jordan and they were defeated in Syria then they moved back into Iraq once again.

As to what’s happening in Iraq, it’s bigger than ISIS, Mosul city has 4 million residents & it’s second largest province, in Iraq there’s a problem between the Arabs in Anbar and (Prime Minister) Maliki, and ‘Maliki Army’, who handed over their weapons, had Shiite commanders, so nobody would argue ISIS and Shiites, those commanders handed over their weapons to Arab tribes but ISIS is in the headlines.

ISIS has something called Management of Savagery, a book titled Management of Savagery..

- We have shown some details about this book on our channel..

Nabeel Naiem: Abu Bakr Muhammad Maqdisi in this book has taken the same policy of Genghis Khan, thanks God they didn’t claim they derived their policies from prophet Muhammad, because God said: ‘There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often.’ [Quran 33:21].. So their ‘excellent pattern’ was Genghis Khan.

Genghis Khan used to enter a village and annihilates all living in it, even animals he’d slaughter it, and burn down the houses, so the next village hears that Genghis Khan is coming they flee away and this is what ISIS is doing in Iraq, and what’s the goal of ISIS? When ISIS entered Samerra they killed a thousand Sunni, and now killing Shiites, and this is the American policy.

Henry Kissinger wrote a memo in 1982 or 1984, don’t remember exactly, it’s titled The 100 Years War. When asked where this 100 years war will occur? He said in the Middle East when we ignite the war between the Sunnah and the Shiites.

So they’re working on igniting the war between the Sunna and the Shiites, just like what Abu Mussab (Zarqawi) used to blow up Sunnah mosques then blow up Shiite mosques, to start the sectarian war in the region; and this is of course an American plot, and I tell you ISIS didn’t kill a single American.

ISIS didn’t behead a single American and didn’t play football with his head, they beheaded Muslims and ate livers of Muslims and didn’t kill a single American though it’s established since 2006..

- You’re talking about ISIS’s brutality and ideology but it finds popularity among the youth.. and popularity among many sides and it practices the highest level of violence and brutality, can you explain to us what makes all these groups with all its diversities to join this organization?

Nabeel Naiem: It’s the Takfiri ideology, the problem with this Takfiri ideology it’s widely spread among the European Muslims, why?

I sat with them.. The European Muslims denounced everything they saw in Europe..

- But they also come from GCC countries and Islamic countries even..

Nabeel Naiem: I’m with you, it’s spread among the Muslims in Europe and it’s spread in Saudi because Wahhabism is the closest to Takfir than others. And when I sat with them I found out they have a single-sided Takfiri thinking, like when I spoke with Sayyed Imam in the judgment against the ruler’s assistants, where he said there’s no ruler who can rule by himself, he must have the support of the police and army thus the police & army are all also Kuffar (infidels) like him, so I asked what about who goes to the polls to elect the ruler? He replied: He’s a Kafir (infidel).

I told him: you have labeled the Army, police and the people as Kuffar (infidels), you’re a Takfiri..

The religion (Islam) is not so strict, it includes prevention excuses like ignorance, circumstances, causes.. they didn’t study all this, for them the ruler is an infidel that means all of those with him are infidels.. Bashar (Assad) is a Nusairi then all of those with him are Nusairis, although that the Syrian Army 90% of it is Sunni, because that’s the Sunni percentage of Syrians.

But they are one-sided thinking and they’re ignorant..

- Ignorant in what sense?

Nabeel Naiem: Ignorant of the religion (Islam). I was living with Ayman (Zawahri), Ayman is ignorant, he wasn’t saying anything without consulting me first..

- In spite that you mentioned that Ayman Zawahri was refusing at one stage of time to accept the Takfiris (in Al-Qaeda)..

Nabeel Naiem: Yes, we were the ones who didn’t allow them. I told him: If your brother Muhammad joins the organization we will dissolve it because your brother is Takfiri. So he agreed until we entered jail and we’re separated, his brother came in and took over the whole organization, and his brother is retarded actually, he’s Takfiri and retarded, if you talk with him you feel you’re talking with someone who is brainless..

- That’s what’s strange as I mentioned we’re talking about different segments of societies from different countries and even from different education levels, we see PHD holders, how do you call all of these ignorant?

Nabeel Naiem: Ignorance in religion is something and being a doctor is something else.. I’ll give you an example. If I’m a doctor in a clinic, and with me is a nurse, and for 30 years he will be with me, will he become a doctor after 30 years?

Will this nurse become a doctor after 30 years being a nurse?

- This is as a description, right?

Nabeel Naiem: They’re like this, they educate themselves by themselves, they’re like the nurses, they’ll never become doctors. I am specialized in Islamic Sharia, for me he’s ignorant, ignorant in the religion, he doesn’t understand the religion.

- We should explain, you’re talking about Jihad? Salafist Jihad or Takfiris? These are the segments?

Nabeel Naiem: Yes, they’re ignorant..

- All of them?

Nabeel Naiem: I argued with their top sheikh (cleric) – Salafists, Salafist Jihadist and Takfiris, these are 3 different samples, all of them are ignorant?

They’re not different they’re all ignorant, I was living with Sayyed Imam Sharif, he’s the international founder of the whole ideology spread in the region from Jakarta to Nouakchott (in Mauritania), he wrote them a book titled ‘Al Jamei Fi Talab Al-ilm Al-Sharif (Bible in Seeking Honorable Learning), this book is the manifest and ideology of all the Takfiri groups like ISIS, Nusra Front, Ansar Bet Maqdas (Jerusalem House Supporters), Salafist Jihadist, and all of those you can imagine, and nobody wrote after the book of Sayyed Imam (Sharif).

I debated with Sayyed Imam and debated with him about a lot of matters, he told me in the next edition of the book he will rectify & mention the comments I said, he didn’t, he re-issued the book as it is.

I also argued with someone a Takfiri just for sins, a sin is infidelity, like the one committing adultery doesn’t do so and he’s a believer thus he’s a Kafir (infidel), so I argued with him: the punishment for the believer who becomes a disbeliever (leaves Islam) is death, and the adulterer’s punishment is flogging, how does the punishment differ (when committing a sin only)?

The differ in ideology and thinking is long since the beginnings, after Osama Bin Laden (era) between (Ayman) Zawahri & (Abu Bakr) Maqdisi, which resulted in the schism among other organizations, but when we talk now about ISIS, if we compare them with Al-Qaeda, there’s an essential difference between them..

There’s no difference in ideology, only organizational difference..

- Then what is the future of ISIS based on?

Nabeel Naiem: As long as the youth are convinced with the Takfir ideology, ISIS will continue.

Secondly, ISIS is playing on 2 levels: Bashar Assad (Syrian president) is a Nusairi infidel & should be fought, and they use the Fatwas (religious judicial opinion) of Ibn Taymiyyah in regards with the Nusairi sect..

- Depending on feeding these thoughts will ensure its continuity, and maybe other interests..

Nabeel Naiem: And oil.. All sorts of feeding: intellectual, money, gears, munition, all of that.. As long as there are sources feeding this ideology ISIS will continue..

Bernard Lewis founder of Fourth-Generation Warfare said so, he said: we do not need trans-continent armies that would awake nationalism and they return to us as bodies like what happened in Afghanistan & Vietnam, but we should find agents inside the (targeted) country who will carry out the task of the soldiers, and we need a media tool to falsify truths for the people, and money to spend on them..

This is the Fourth-Generation Warfare, agents instead of soldiers..

- This is an alternative army, a war by proxy?

Nabeel Naiem: Yes of course.

- Between who (this war)? We are talking about armies on the ground, Al Qaeda and all what branches out of it, these armies work for the account of which battle and between who?

Nabeel Naiem: It works for the US Intelligence (CIA).

- Who it fights?

Nabeel Naiem: The regimes, they put a plan in 1998 called Clean Break (PNAC)..

- In Iraq, who is it fighting? Is it fighting Nouri Maliki (Iraqi PM)?

Nabeel Naiem: It fights both Sunnah and Shiites, when they entered Sammerra, Sheikh Ali Hatimi, head of Anbar Tribes said: ISIS entered Sammerra and killed a thousand Sunni in cold blood.. and it kills Shiites and kills Christians and kills whoever it faces, ISIS considers all people infidels and their bloods are free.

Who killed Imam Ali appropriated his blood, who slaughtered Hussein wasn’t he a Muslim and from a sect that claims they’re Islamist?

All these have a shameless historic extension, the prophet PBuH called them Dogs of Hell, the prophet said: ‘if I meet them I will kill them the same killing of ‘Aad and Iram of the Pillars’, those are the ones behind these ideologies, the ideologies of Khawarij (outlaws in Islam) who the prophet warned of them, and these will continue, as for ISIS, ISIS did not kill a single American. The opposition fighting Bashar Al-Assad fiercefully for 3 years did not shoot a single bullet against Israel..

- What makes the close enemy, so to speak, in the ideology of these groups, the close enemy is these countries and its leaders, geographically speaking, this term as close enemy and far enemy exists in Al-Qaeda, you mentioned Israel which is not far geographically, what makes it far for them?

Nabeel Naiem: No, they don’t say this, they say: fighting an apostate is a more priority than fighting the original infidel, close and far that’s an old saying.. The apostate is us now..

- As per their understanding?

Nabeel Naiem: Yes, we are apostate, the Arab rulers are apostate, the Arab armies are apostate, thus fighting the apostate is a priority over fighting the original infidel, the Jew.

For instance, Issam Hattito, head of Muslim Brotherhood responsible for leading the battles against Bashar Assad, where does he reside? Is he in Beirut? Riyadh or Cairo? He’s residing in Tel Aviv.

Ahmad Jarba, does he stay in Riyadh, Cairo or Tehran? He’s moving between New York, Paris and London, his employers, who pay his expenses..

When Obama was exposed and it was learned that he’s arming ISIS and Nusra Front with American and Turkish weapons said: ‘We will stop the arming because the American weaposn were leaked to Nusra..’ Didn’t Obama say that?

Leaked?! You discovered it was leaked after 2 years war?!

Nusra Front fighters are 10,000 and ISIS fighters are another 10,000, all 20,000 fighters using American weapons, and Obama claims after 2 years he discovers his (American) weapons are leaked to them?! Are you thinking we are fools?

Muslim Brotherhood

When Obama Raised the Muslim Brotherhood

This is a conspiracy against the region, and I told you Netenyahu & Dick Chenney put the Clean Break plan in the year 1998, and it’s destroying 4 countries, they start with Iraq, then Syria then Egypt then Saudi Arabia. It’s called Clean Break plan (PNAC), well known.. Using radical groups in the region.

The legal case (former Egyptian president) Mohammad Morsi is being tried for, the case of communicating (with the enemy) and contacting Ayman Zawahri was an assignment of Issam Haddad by Obama in person on 28 December 2012, he was at the White House in a meeting with the CIA, he says in his confessions when interrogated by the public prosecution in the case..

- How did you get it?

Nabeel Naiem: These public prosecution confessions are published and are available.. Obama entered (the meeting room) and gave the CIA team a paper and left, they read it and told him: it’s required by the Muslim Brotherhood to contain the radical groups in the region starting with Hamas & Al-Qaeda, so he called Ayman Zawahri through Rifa’a Tahtawi, head of presidential court, who happens to be Ayman’s cousin from Rifa’a Tahtawi’s phone.

Ayman (Zawahri) talking to Mohammad Morsi and Morsi says to him: Peace be Upon You Emir (Prince) of Believers, we need your people here in Sinai, and I will provide them with expenses, food and water and prevent security from pursuing them..

This was recorded and sent to the public prosecutor and this is what Mohammad Morsi is being tried for.

If you ask how I got to know this? I was in Channel 2 of Egyptian TV, and with me was General Gamal, 1st secretary of Egyptian Intelligence, who recorded the call and written it down and based on it the memo was written and handed to the Public Prosecutor.

The TV presenter asked him: Is it allowed for the Intelligence Services to tap the telephone of the president of the republic?

He replied: I’m not tapping the president’s phone, I was tapping Ayman’s (Zawahri) phone and found the president talking to him, telling him Peace be Upon You Emir of Believers, so I wrote down the tape, wrote a report and submitted to the head of intelligence..

She asked him: Did you inform the president? He replied: It’s not my job, I do not deal with the president (directly), I deal with the head of intelligence and that’s my limits.

She asked him: What did you write in your investigations and your own report, what did you write after you wrote down the tape (contents)?

I swear to God he told her, & I was in the same studio,: I wrote that Mr. Mohammad Morsi Ayyat president of the republic is a danger for Egypt’s National Security.

So the ignorant should know why the army stood by the side of the people on 30 June, because the president is dealing with Al-Qaeda organization, and it’s recorded, and he’s being on trial for it now, and head of intelligence wrote that the president of the republic is a danger on Egypt’s National Security.

This is the task of these groups in the region. When Obama said he supported Morsi’s campaign with 50 million (Dollars), and when (Yousuf) Qaradawi said: Obama sent us 60 million Dollars for the Syrian ‘Resistance’, God bless you Obama, and we need more..

Did Obama convert to Islam or America became a Hijabi (wore a burqa, veil)?

I ask Qaradawi: When Obama supports the Syrian opposition, is it to establish the Caliphate? And return the days of the Rashideen Caliphates? Or Obama converted to Islam or America became a Hijabi to support the Syrian opposition?

This is the work of agents (spies), exposed and debunked, and we don’t want to fool ourselves and hide our heads in the sand, the region is under a conspiracy and it’s to drag Iran to a war of attrition..

The first statement ISIS announced after the fight with Maliki it said: ‘We will head to Najaf & Karballa and destroy the sacred shrines’, they dragged the legs of Iran (into Iraq).

Iran said they’ll defend the sacred shrines, it has to, it cannot (not defend them), this is what’s required,

It’s required to clash Saudi and Iran in the 100 years war, an endless war, it exhausts Saudi resources and its monies, and it exhausts Iran resources and its monies, like what they did during the days of Saddam in Iraq (with Iran). This is what we should understand, fight and stand against..

- You mentioned Egypt, Syria and Iraq, we see in all of it similar activities, and you also mentioned Saudi, is it in a coming phase Saudi will be targeted?

Nabeel Naiem: It was meant when Muslim Brotherhood lay their ground in ruling Egypt, problems would start in Saudi in 2016 and in the whole Gulf (GCC), this is not my words, this what the head of national security in United Arab Emirates Dhahi Khalfan said, he arrested those who confessed.

From where did Dhahi Khalfan get this? They arrested cells which confessed in details: If Muslim Brotherhood settles in Egypt, they’ll start exporting problems to the Gulf (GCC) through their existing cells, and destabilize the security of the Gulf, and this is what Dhahi Khalfan, head of national security in UAE said, not what I say.

- The circumstances and factors we saw in Cairo, Damascus and Baghdad, in the countries: Syria, Egypt and Iraq, there was a security vacuum and repercussions of so called Arab Spring, what vacuum we are talking about in Saudi Arabia? Where to find the circumstances and factors that would allow these organizations to enter the (Saudi) kingdom? Opening gaps? Where?

Nabeel Naiem: Look, they have a book being circulated in London titled The Rule of Al Saud, in this book they called the Saudi family as Kuffar (infidels), and that it is unjust, and it steals the monies of the Saudis, and it’s an infidel doesn’t rule by God’s commands, and only applies Sharia law on the weak while the strong and the princess no law being applied on them, a book to educate the Saudi youths abroad to fight a war against the Saudi government, they also say: we call on the kingdom to become a constitutional monarchy, ie. the king doesn’t rule, like the British queen, and this trend is being supported by America and Britain and the people working on this are residing in London, the nest of spies, all the spies of the world reside in London..

Their goal is to divide the region in order to achieve Israel’s security.

Israel is a weak and despicable state, by the way, geopolitical, Israel is not a state, like Qatar, is Qatar a state? Qatar is only a tent and a man sitting it with his money and that’s it..

There are countries like Iran, Saudi and Egypt, in geography it exists until the end of times, and there are countries called the Satanic Shrubs, it’s just found you don’t know how, like Israel and Qatar, it can vanish in one day and you won’t find it..

So for Israel to guarantee its existence, all the surrounding entities around it should be shredded.. Kurds to take one piece, Sunnah take one piece, Maliki takes one piece.. each sect has their own piece just like Lebanon they keep fighting between each other, once they finish beating each other they drink tea then go for a second round beating each other..

- I want to get back to the factors in regards with the Saudi Kingdom, you mentioned what is planned for based on this ideology, and you know better, you have experience and you talk about examples and evidences, but how they will enter?

True there was a statement by the Saudi ministry of interior in last May claiming they dismantled a cell that follows ISIS of 62 members, as they stated, but how they’ll enter (Saudi), what are the factors they’ll be depending on to enter?

Nabeel Naiem: I’m telling you they are preparing for the revolution against the ruling family, that it’s a corrupt family, this family steals the money of the Saudis, talks about the roots of the family..

- From inside the kingdom?

Nabeel Naiem: From inside the kingdom, and there are strong Takfiri members inside the kingdom, because as you know the difference beteween Wahhabi and Takfiri ideologies is as thin as a single hair, thus there are a lot of youths who follow this (Takfiri) ideology, add to it the feeding against the kingdom and its government and against the ruling family, it’s very easy for him to blow himself up with anything..

- So it will be only based on these factors, we don’t want to disregard an important point that groups of the ISIS are from the Gulf countries, and there are reports that the (governments of GCC) are turning a blind eye away from recruiting a number of them and sending them to fight in Syria and in a number of other countries including Iraq, as per these reports, could there be recruiting to use inside the kingdom? To move inside the kingdom?

Nabeel Naiem: Yes, yes, most are Saudis & the move will be like that but they were hoping for the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt to settle in power, that’s why when (Saudi) king Abdallah supported the 30 June revolution (in Egypt), he did so based on the information he has of what will happen in the region

Why did he stand against the Muslim Brotherhood? Saudi was always containing the MBs, and if the MBs (Muslim Brotherhood) ever made money, it was from Saudi, and Mohammad Qotb, the father of all Takfir in the world, spent 40 years of his life in Saudi, he wrote a book called The Ignorance in the Twentieth Century, and he claims we’re living in an ignorance more than the one in the days of the prophet PBuH, and Saudi hosted him and he was teaching in the university.. What made them go against them (MBs)?

Because the Muslim Brotherhood have no religion, no nation, not safe to be with them, they’ll betray anyone.

- On the other hand, how to deal with such an organization and such an ideology?

Nabeel Naiem: The voices of the Islamic moderation very low, throaty, so to speak..

- We do not hear that loud voice who would stand against them, is it not convincing? Or need mediums?

Nabeel Naiem: No, the sapien voice doesn’t have a vim, they’re employees, they’d say let ISIS burn out with who brought it..

It doesn’t have the vim to respond, doesn’t feel the danger, secondly, Azhar in Egypt, which was leading the movement of religious enlightenment, is absented for the past 40 years, the reason for its absent for 40 years is the oil boom, and the voices of the Saudi clergy becoming higher than the Azhar clergy. Salafism was found in Egypt just to fight Azhar (Islamic University), then, the scholars duty is to respond to the ideology of ISIS, detail it and respond to it, scholars should come and say this is what ISIS is saying and the right respond is this.. and I sat with people who came from London to fight in Syria, they sat with me and thanks to God they went from Egypt back to London.

They came to ask me, and I told them, let’s assume that Bashar (Assad) died in the morning, would I be saying: Why God did you take Bashar while the war is not over yet? Who will replace Bashar?

They replied: (Ahmad) Jarba..

I said: Jarba is worth of Bashar shoes only.. They said: true. And they went back.

I told them you are going to fight in favor of America and Israel, will you be the one to rule Syria?

If you were the one who will rule Syria I will come and fight on your side, I swear by God I’ll come and fight on your side..

But are you going to rule Syria after Bashar? He said no, I told him you are being used to remove Bashar and then Jarba, Salim Idress, Issam Hattito will come, all of those are being raised in the spy nest in London, it’s not you who will rule.

- How can we differentiate between religious commitment and the national responsibility? Is there a problem in combining both?

Nabeel Naiem: Yes, yes, of course, there is a strong fault between the national responsibility and the religious commitment. I’ll tell you what the General Guide (leader) of (Muslim) Brotherhood said? He said Toz (B.S.) with Egypt. This is their vision of the national responsibility.

And when the MBs ruled Egypt.. I’ll give you one evidence for their despise to the nation (Egypt), in the last interview done by the Consular Adli Mansour, the interim president of Egypt with Mrs. Lamis Hadidi, the last question she asked him was about the background picture of the map of Egypt behind him, she asked him to tell her the story about this picture behind him..

He said: this picture was done by King Fouad a 100 years ago, we know that first was King Fouad, then King Farouq then Abdul Nasser, Sadat then Mubarak. He told her since King Fouad did this photo a 100 years ago and it’s hanged there, it was removed for 1 year only, when the Muslim Brotherhood ruled Egypt. They removed it and put in the stores..

And they were working on a plot to concede 600 square kilometers to Hamas to resolve the Palestinian cause..

There is a link between the national responsibility and the religious commitment, and this contradicts with the understanding of the Salafists clerics, and I’ll tell you the political theory of imam Ibn Taymiyyah, who people consider him the most strict imam, Ibn Taymiyyah was asked: if the nation’s interest conflicts with applying Sharia, if we apply Sharia will lose the country, what to do?

He said: Maintaining the homeland is a priority over applying Sharia, because if you lose the country, where will you apply Sharia?

I’ll give you an example to make it clearer, if someone is naked and will fall from the 10th floor, will you rescue him or get him something to wear?

Thus, to preserve the country is more important than to apply Sharia if there’s interest conflict.

- And the interest now?

Nabeel Naiem: To preserve the nation.

- And in fact this is the most absented side between the politics, we called the national responsibility and..

Nabeel Naiem: This is because of ignorance, not knowing what’s the national responsibility, there’s no conflict between national responsibility and religious commitment, it’s because those are ignorants the conflict is happening between the nation and the belief.

- This topic needs more discussing, especially in regards with the relations with regional countries, western countries, in regards with the nature of these countries, its backgrounds and its beliefs, we see relations are allowed with India and China, and when we talk about countries like Iran then the religious backgrounds are mentioned and this also might require further research if possible we can get a comment from you on it?

Nabeel Naiem: What I want to tell you, the efforts of all Islamic countries, Sunnah and Shiites, must combine, to eradicate these groups, because these groups are the claws of colonialism in the region, it’s not on religious bases, there are members of ISIS who do not pray, so in Al-Qaeda, there are members who didn’t pray a single kneeling, there must be a combination of the countries efforts to organically eliminate these groups by security and by intellect, disprove their ideology..

There must be a response to these groups and explaining its ideology is a stray ideology, contrary to the Islamic Sharia, and this is the ideology that the prophet warned from when he said about Khawarij (Outlaws in Islam):

‘Newly in the religion, ribald in their aims, they go through the religion like how an arrow goes through the bow, if I meet them I will kill them the way Iram and A’ad were killed, they’re the worse killers under the skies, blessed who they kill or who kills of them..’ and he called them: ‘the dogs of hell.’

- Thank you a lot sheikh Nabil Naiem, our guest here in the studio, founder of Jihad Organization formerly, and expert in the Islamist groups. – end of interview.


March 11-12, 2013 --Special Report. CIA Cancer Warfare. Not just Chavez but Neto and Thompson -- Victims of CIA cancer weapons?

by Wayne Madsen

The U.S. State Department, far from being an instrument of American diplomacy, is a boiling cauldron of neo-conservative impudence and arrogance unmatched since the days of the German Third Reich's Foreign Ministry. The State Department called charges from government, military, and political leaders around the world that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias fell victim to one of the many stockpiled CIA cancer weapons "absurd."


What is absurd is the State Department's selective use of recent American history. The historical record shows that the Central Intelligence Agency continued to possess and develop biological warfare weapons, including miniaturized weapons for political assassinations, long after the United States signed and ratified the 1972 Biological Warfare Convention banning the possession and research on such weaponry.

Violating the Biological Weapons Convention


Perhaps the State Department should brush up on the history of international conventions the United States has secretly broken. The following August 23, 1975 memo from CIA Deputy Director for Plans Thomas Karamessines to CIA director William Colby outlines how the CIA's Special Operation Division, a joint U.S. Army-CIA element at Fort Detrick, Maryland, was instructed to maintain a supply of toxins not included on the official Fort Detrick inventory list that was subject to President Richard Nixon's disposal order pursuant to the biological warfare convention agreement. The memo was provided to the Senate Church Committee investigating the abuses of the U.S. Intelligence Community. Concerned that Nixon's order might result in the destruction of the CIA's "germ supply," a contingency plan was developed to ship the CIA's toxins to Huntingdon Research Center at the Becton-Dickinson Company in Baltimore, a firm established in 1897 by Maxwell W. Becton and Fairleigh S. Dickinson. The company, now known as BD, specializes in injection and infusion products, including needles and syringes. One might wish to ask the State Department why the CIA, anxious to hide its supply of dangerous toxins, would select a firm that produces needles and syringes. The answer is quite simple, the CIA continued to develop toxic warfare weapons after the ratification of the treaty prohibiting their possession and use. The memo states that the "stockpile capability plus some research effort in delivery systems is funded at $75,000 per annum."


Since the 1970s, the bio-warfare capabilities of the United States, including the covert introduction of cancer-causing pathogens into targeted persons has mushroomed in cost and effectiveness. The use of nano-technology and micro-mechanical flying and crawling insects, coupled with bio-toxin payloads, is no longer in the realm of science fiction but is scientific fact.


Not only are cancer-causing biological toxins used for cancer weapons but inorganic elements are also employed. Only a few micrograms of beryllium and polonium-210 are required to cause the development of fibrotic tumors that result in lung cancer.


Among the "germs" in the CIA's bag of tricks were anthrax, tuberculosis, encephalitis, small pox, snake venom, and food poisoning, including salmonella.


Targeting Latin Aemrican leaders


In July 2006, during the MERCOSUR (Southern Cone Common Market) summit in Cordoba, Argentina, three leaders held a concurrent "People's Summit," which lambasted U.S. foreign and economic policy in Latin America. Attending the People's Summit were Cuba's Fidel Castro, Venezuela's Chavez, and Argentine President Nestor Kirchner. Shortly after returning to Havana from Cordoba, Castro fell violently ill with a mysterious gastrointestinal ailment. Castro recovered but CIA-linked media outlets in Miami's Cuban exile community began to falsely report that Castro died. In November 2006, Kirchner was diagnosed with an advanced form of colon cancer. However, Kirchner, who gave up the presidency in favor of his wife, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, in 2007, died from a sudden heart attack after it was revealed he was running to succeed her. In 2012, Cristina was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Chavez was first diagnosed with cancer that first appeared in his pelvic region in June 2011.


A July 26, 2006 Confidential cable from the U.S. embassy in Buenos Aires complained about the People's Summit, decrying the fact that "Chavez and Castro dominated" and that the U.S. was trying to drive a wedge between Chavez and Castro on one hand and Kirchner and Brazil's Ignacio Lula da Silva on the other. The American scheming failed to work. Another, more sinister effort to derail Chavez, Castro, and Kirchner was needed.


Venezuela's acting President Nicolas Maduro; the head of the Venezuelan presidential guard, General Jose Ornella; Bolivian President Evo Morales, and Russian Communist Party leader all stated that they believed Chavez was slowly assassinated with a secret cancer weapon developed by Venezuela's enemies (they are primarily the United States and Canada). Maduro said Venezuela will set up a scientific commission to investigate the cause of Chavez's death.


Chavez said that Castro once told him: “Chavez take care. These people [the Americans] have developed technology. You are very careless. Take care what you eat, what they give you to eat  . . . a little needle and they inject you with I don’t know what.” Another translation had Castro stating, "Chavez be careful, they’ve developed technology, be careful with what you eat, they could stick you with a small needle." Chavez passed Castro's warning on to Bolivian President Evo Morales and Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, both allies of Chavez. There have been rumors that Morales had a cancerous tumor removed from his nasal tract.


From La Paz, Morales said, "I am almost certain that this is a poisoning of Chavez."

The Bolivian leader likened the death of Chavez to the poisonings of Palestinian President Yasir Arafat and Latin American liberator Simon Bolivar.


Maduro called the Chavez's cancer a "scientific attack." In addition to all the other progressive Latin American leaders who developed cancer within a few years, Paraguay's former President Fernando Lugo (ousted in a 2012 CIA-backed coup) was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma; Brazil's former President Lula da Silva with throat cancer; and Brazil's current President Dilma Rousseff with axillar lymphoma, cancer of the lymphatic system. After Colombia's conservative president Juan Manuel Santos began peace talks with the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), via the offices of Chavez, Santos was diagnosed with prostate cancer.







History of U.S. cancer and other bio-weapons


One does not have to go back to the early days of the CIA to discover that Latin America has, since the 1930s, been a testing ground for American cancer weapons targeting human beings.

In 1931, Dr. Cornelius P. Rhoads, a white racist and anti-Latin American scientist with the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations in San Juan, subjected 13 Puerto Ricans to experiments by injecting them with cancer-causing biological agents. The head of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party, Pedro Albizu Campos, known as “El Maestro” to his followers, obtained a letter from Rhoads to a friend in which Rhoads wrote of Puerto Ricans:

“I can get a damn fine job here and am tempted to take it. It would be ideal except for the Porto [sic] Ricans. They are beyond doubt the dirtiest, laziest, most degenerate and thievish race of men ever inhabiting this sphere. It makes you sick to inhabit the same island with them. They are even lower than Italians. What the island needs is not public health work but a tidal wave or something to totally exterminate the population. It might then be livable. I have done my best to further the process of extermination by killing off 8 and transplanting cancer into several more. The latter has not resulted in any fatalities so far . . . The matter of consideration for the patients' welfare plays no role here - in fact all physicians take delight in the abuse and torture of the unfortunate subjects.”

Albizu complained to the League of Nations but it came to no avail. In 1950, Albizu was arrested in a crackdown on Puerto Rican nationalist activities on the island and Albizu was subjected to radiation burns and poisoning. There is little doubt that Rhoads, who directed the Army’s chemical and biological weapons programs at Fort Detrick, the Dugway Proving Ground and Deseret Test Center at Fort Douglas in Utah, and the Panama Canal Zone, subjected Albizu to revenge medical experimentation. Rhoads then went on to the senior staff of the Atomic Energy Commission, which also subjected American citizens to dangerous radiation tests.




The CIA's and Pentagon's cancer weapons research was largely based out of Fort Detrick, Maryland. Albizu suffered a stroke in prison in 1956. In 1964, he was pardoned but died shortly after his release from prison in 1965. Albizu was the first victim of U.S. cancer weapons and, like Chavez, he was a strong Latin American nationalist not willing to bend to the pressure of North American imperialism.


There is an unsettling footnote to the story of Albizu's death as a result of medical experiments. In 1957, a year after he suffered a stroke in prison, the CIA's favorite vendor for syringes and infusion devices, Becton-Dickinson, opened a manufacturing facility in Juncos, Puerto Rico. By the 1970s, when the CIA transferred its bio-weapon stockpile to Becton-Dickinson, the firm had established a major bio-science presence in Puerto Rico. Today, the firm partners with the William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation to provide HIV/AIDS testing in developing countries.



Puerto Rican Nationalist leader Pedro Albizu Campos was one of America's first victims of a bioweapons assassination.


Modern bio-warfare


AIDS first appeared during the Angolan civil war in the 1970s when Cuban troops fighting CIA- and South African-backed guerrillas came into contact with the disease. In the 1960, the CIA's Technical Services Department chief, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, born Joseph Scheider, came up with a exotic weapon that was to be used to poison Congolese nationalist prime minister Patrice Lumumba. It was never used but the CIA station chief in Leopoldville, Larry Devlin, was told to somehow slip the toxin, contained in a vial, to Lumumba. The toxin was never used and Devlin said he tossed the vial into the Congo River. Gottlieb had come up with other ingenious ways to kill Fidel Castro and Iraq's dictator Abdul Karim Kassem. It was none other than the CIA's loyal agent, Saddam Hussein, who tried but failed to kill Kassem on October 7, 1959.


The Clark Amendment of 1976 banned U.S. aid to military or paramilitary forces fighting in the post-independence civil war in Angola. Never deterred by the law, the CIA began to use intermediaries, including Israel and South Africa, to support pro-U.S. guerrillas fighting the central government of Marxist president Agostinho Neto. The CIA had rejected Neto's approach to the John Kennedy administration in 1962 to support the cause of Angolan independence from Portugal. Neto was seen by Langley as too pro-Communist and decided to back the weakest and most unpopular of the Angolan independence movements.


In 1976, the CIA and Pentagon continued their bio-weapons research at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectuous Diseases at Fort Detrick and Edgewood Arsenal, also in Maryland. Other parts of the Fort Detrick complex were turned over to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), which continued to conduct a liaison with the CIA and Pentagon elements at the facility. The CIA's research into cancer-causing agents centered on the Viral Cancer Program (VCP) of the NCI. One of the cancer weapon projects, funded by the NCI and Office of Naval Research, the latter a favorite research pass-through for the CIA, was called "Aerosol Properties of Potentially Oncogenic Viruses." The clear intent for the interest of the Navy and CIA was the delivery of cancer-causing weapons by aerosolized means. Most of the aerosolized cancer-causing efforts had been conducted from the 1960s to 1972 at the University of Ohio and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In addition to biological cancer-causing agents, research was also conducted on the production of carcinogenic chemicals.


A number of private pharmaceutical companies were also identified with the clandestine bio-war research, including Pfizer, Sandoz, Litton-Bionetics, and Hoffman-Laroche. The research also involved the secretive Department of Agriculture research center on Plum Island off the tip of Long Island.


Neto, who was targeted by the CIA in violation of congressional prohibitions, quickly developed cancer in 1979 and died in a Moscow hospital before the age of 57. Shortly thereafter, Cuban troops fighting in Angola for Neto's government began returning home suffering from HIV/AIDS. Just as with the cancers that have struck Latin American leaders, the CIA and State Department brushed off reports that the CIA created HIV/AIDS to infect Cuban troops a "Soviet disinformation" campaign.


In 1989, the General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches, Reverend Frank Chikane, fell extremely ill while on a visit to the United States. The FBI later concluded that Chikane had been exposed to an organophosphate toxin. The CIA was aware that the origin of the substance was the South African intelligence service. Furthermore, the CIA was aware of the Suoth African operation to kill Chikane.


Primary U.S. targets: Caribbean leaders


The CIA's bio-weapons may not have been trained only on nationalistic Latin American and black African leaders but also Afro-Caribbean leaders of islands the U.S. considers to be quasi-protectorates of Washington.


The United States has always considered Barbados as its number one willing ally among the English-speaking islands of the Caribbean. With its high per capita income and advanced infrastructure, Barbados was the Ronald Reagan administration's primary local water-carrier for the U.S. invasion of Grenada in 1983. The pretext for the invasion was to "rescue" a number of American medical students from the St. George's University School of Medicine but in reality the invasion was to expel Cubans and other nationals of communist countries after a Marxist coup ousted the leftist Prime Minister Maurice Bishop. Bishop had long contended the medical school was a CIA front. In fact, its director, Sir Geoffrey Bourne, whose son, Peter Bourne, served in the U.S. Special Forces and was President Jimmy Carter's health policy adviser, may have served as the inspiration behind Robert Ludlum's "Bourne Identity" series of novels about CIA mind-controlled assassin Jason Bourne. After the Jonestown massacre in 1978, some of the CIA interlocutors for the Reverend Jim Jones's People's Temple operation in Guyana escaped to Grenada and were in contact with the St. George's Medical School.


During the next three decades, three Barbadian Prime Ministers who showed a tendency to question U.S. hegemony in the region all died very suddenly. The first was the backer of Reagan's invasion of Grenada, Prime Minister Tom Adams. Adams grew uneasy when the U.S. requested that the St. George's Medical School be moved to Barbados. A relative of Adam's told this reporter that Adams had been contacted by a representative of Soviet intelligence who briefed him on the role of the St. George's Medical School in carrying out inhumane CIA experiments that were follow-ons to the CIA's MKNAOMI and MKULTRA programs. MKNAOMI involved biological assassination weapons and MKULTRA was an umbrella program that involved psychologically-programmed assassins. Adams began to sent messages to the Reagan administration that he was no longer interested in hosting the St. George's Medical School in Barbados. On March 11, 1985, Adams died at the age of 53 from a sudden heart attack at his official residence. The CIA spun the story in the local press that Adams had been killed by the KGB in retaliation for his support for the U.S. invasion of Grenada.


The following year, former Prime Minister Errol Barrow, once again, became Prime Minister in a landslide election for his opposition party. Barrow was a bitter opponent of the U.S. invasion of Grenada and referred to Reagan as the "cowboy in the White House" and declared that Reagan was a programmed zombie and a very dangerous person.


On June 1, 1987, Barrow collapsed at his home and died. He was 66.


David Thompson became Prime Minister in 2008. At first, Washington believed him to be a bulwark against Chavez's growing popularity in the English-speaking Caribbean but soon, St. Vincent's leftist Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, who once preached radical politics at the University of the West Indies campus in Barbados, began to convince Thompson that Chavez was beneficial to the Caribbean Common Market (CARICOM) nations. Thompson showed signs of interest in two of Chavez's major projects, the

Bolivarian Initiative for the Americas (ALBA), a counterweight to Washington's Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), and PetroCaribe, which supplied inexpensive oil and gasoline to the CARICOM nations. Although Barbados, unlike St. Vincent, was not a member of ALBA, Gonsalves kept Thompson apprised of ALBA developments


According to a February 1, 2008 Confidential cable from U.S. ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Mary Ourisman, she and U.S. embassy staff were concerned about Gonsalves initial meeting with Thompson concerning ALBA.  Ourisman, whose foreign policy experience consisted of hosting GOP fundraisers with her wealthy Republican husband, the owner of automobile dealerships in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC, was concerned about February 2008 visits planned by Chavez and Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega to Antigua, Dominica, and St. Vincent. There was a fear by the CIA stations in the Eastern Caribbean that Chavez would convince other English-speaking nations like Barbados to join ALBA in return for reduced price fuel from Venezuela. For that reason, Washington was trying to exacerbate an old maritime boundary dispute between Barbados and Venezuela.


Thompson also incurred Washington's wrath over his growing ties with China and Cuba. Ourisman's cable warned: "Thompson continues Barbados' aversion to being seen as too close a friend of the U.S. and has rebuffed appeals for closer cooperation on UN human rights issues." Barbados rejected Washington's demands that it be more forceful in the United Nations against alleged human rights violations in Iran, Cuba, and other countries.


In March 2010, Thompson began complaining of stomach pains. In October, Thompson was dead from pancreatic cancer. He was 48.


In 2011, the Caribbean press began to openly worry about cancer striking Gonsalves after Chavez was diagnosed with the disease and Thompson died from it.


Dominica's Prime Minister Roosevelt "Rosie" Douglas had long been a thorn in the side of the United States. A conservative-turned-radical, Douglas was an outspoken opponent of Prime Minister Eugenia Charles's support for Reagan's invasion of Grenada. Douglas also nurtured close ties with Fidel Castro, Muammar Qaddafi, and Venezuela's Chavez. After years in the opposition, Douglas became Prime Minister of Dominica in January 2000. On October 2 later that year, Douglas was found dead at 10 am in his home 30 miles from the capital Roseau of unknown causes. He had returned the previous day from a CARICOM summit in Jamaica. Douglas was 58. His successor and fellow leftist, Pierre Charles, became ill in Febriary 2003 and had to undergo angioplasty surgery. He died while returning from a Cabinet meeting from a heart attack. He was 49.


Designer bio-weapons in the hands of the neo-cons


In 1986, the deputy assistant Secretary of Defense for policy testified before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that the Pentagon had the capability to develop "designer" biological weapons for specific military purposes. The official who ecstatically showed a keen interest in designer biological warfare weapons was Douglas J. Feith, who, during the George W. Bush administration was one of the neo-conservative architects of the ill-fated invasion and occupation of Iraq. Feith, the son of the former President of the Zionist Organization of America, is also known to be a cipher for Israeli intelligence.


Over the years, the CIA and Pentagon developed various methods to infect their enemies with toxins. They ranged from the simple -- syringes, toxin-tipped needles, and ingesting tainted food and drink to the more sophisticated, including transmission from clothing, especially underwear; inhalation; and even the poisoning of toothpaste, the latter one of the many MKNAOMI plans to kill Fidel Castro. Although the United States and Britain ratified the 1972 Biological Warfare Convention, both nations cooperated on bio-warfare agents long after the ratification. Detrick and Edgewood in the United States and Porton Down and Nancecuke in the United Kingdom jointly cooperated in research, development, and possession of bio-warfare agents.


Over the years, the United States also reportedly maintained covert biological weapons facilities in Lahore, Pakistan; Môle St. Nicholas, Haiti; Jakarta, Indonesia; Cairo, Egypt; Lima and Iquitos, Peru; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; Bangkok, Thailand; Camp Zama, Japan; Enoggera, Australia; Warsaw, Poland; Kamina airfield, Zaire; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


In 1981, Cuba and many Caribbean islands reported outbreaks of dengue fever linked to a CIA operation to sicken the Cuban population. In May 1981, a sharp increase in cases of dengue fever, known to be transmitted by mosquitoes carried by tropical storm winds for hundreds of miles, began appearing all over the Caribbean, but particularly in Havana, Camaguey, and Cienfuegos. In August, cases in Cuba spiked to well over 330,000. But "collateral damage" of dengue infections was also visited upon Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Anguilla, Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, and Florida.


Dominica's Rosie Douglas, one of many Caribbean and Latin American leaders suspected of being assassinated by bio-weapons, courtesy of the CIA.


Cancer warfare


If, as the State Department and Obama administration officials proclaim, it is absurd to suggest the United States can infect someone with cancer cells or viruses, why did Drs. Lawrence Loeb and Kenneth Tartof of the Institute for Cancer research in Philadelphia, writing in the July 23, 1976 issue of Science magazine, call for an immediate ban on "all experiments involving co-cultivation of known oncogenic viruses with primate viruses" because, as they further wrote, "the production of malignant tumors in a variety of primate species suggests the possibility of creating viruses that are oncogenic for humans?" Some of the U.S. government's primate cancerous tumor research was conducted at Tulane University's Delta Regional Primate Research Center in cooperation with Tulane's Dr. Alton Ochsner. a top cancer researcher who also maintained links with the CIA.


When the Venezuelan government begins its investigation of how Chavez was infected with aggressive cancer, it should begin by translating the wealth of documents on U.S. cancer weaponry available from the CIA's own historical record, as well as records from dozens of research laboratories, archives, and universities across the United States. Venezuela can then begin to trace back Chavez's activities and match them with known methods used by the CIA top infect their victims. Depositions from the doctors who have attended to cancer patients Neto, Thompson, Lugo, both Kirchners, Lula, Santos, Rousseff, Morales, Castro, as well as former Croatian Socialist Prime Minister Ivica Racan, dead at 63 from kidney cancer; ABC News anchor Peter Jennings, dead at 67 from lung cancer; Jamaican singer Bob Marley, dead at 36 from skin cancer; former Finnish Prime Minister Ahti Karjalainen, dead at 67 from pancreatic cancer; Senator Frank Church (who investigated the CIA's use of cancer-causing weapons), dead at 59 from pancreatic cancer; Canadian New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton at 61 from prostate cancer; and CBS newsman and author of Charlie Wilson's War George Crile III, dead at 61 from pancreatic cancer.


Other U.S. victims?


Controversy surrounds the deaths of a number of other political leaders who stood in the way of America's imperialistic designs. They include Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser (heart attack at 52), former Indonesian President Sukarno (kidney failure at 69), Danish Social Democratic Prime Ministers Hans Hedtoft and his successor Hans Christian Hansen (Hedtoft of a sudden heart attack at 51 and Hansen of cancer at 52), leftist New Zealand Prime Minister Norman Kirk ("heart problems" at age 51), Jamaican Prime Minister Donald Sangster (subarachnoid hemorrhage at 55), Cypriot President Archbishope Makarios (heart attack, age 63), Palestinian President Yasir Arafat (possibly poisoned by thallium, age 75), former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook (heart attack at 59), Norwegian Foreign Minister Johan Jorgen Holst (stroke at 56) and his wife, Dr. Marianne Heiberg, director of UNRWA, UN agency for Palestinian refugees (heart attack at 58), Eritrean Foreign Minster Ali Said Abdela (heart attack at 56), Algerian President Houari Boumediene (rare

Waldenström's macroglobulinemia blood disease at 46), St. Kitts-Nevis Prime Minister Robert Bradshaw (prostate cancer at 61) and his successor Paul Southwell of heart failure at 65, Guinean leftist President Ahmed Sekou Toure while undergoing heart surgery in Cleveland at age 62, Guyana President Forbes Burnham while undergoing routine throat surgery at age 62, Brazilian President-elect Tancredo Neves, age 75, on eve of inauguration of sudden abdominal disease -- like Chavez he could never be sworn into office and died a month later with his vice president, Jose Sarney, taking over as acting president -- this may be the CIA template for the assassination of Chavez), former Brazilian President Joao Goulart (heart attack at age 57), former Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz, drowned in bathtub at age 57), former Chilean President Frei (septicemia while undergoing routine hiatal hernia operation at age 71), Chilean poet and diplomat Pablo Neruda (heart attack, possible poisoning, at 69), Grenada Prime Minister Herbert Blaize (prostate cancer at age 71), Guyana President and former Marxist leader Cheddi Jagan while undergoing heart surgery at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, at age 78), Nigerian President Sani Abacha (heart attack reportedly caused by poisoning after drink laced with poison was provided by prostitutes imported from Dubai), Nigerian opposition leader Moshood Abiola, heart attack at 60, while meeting alone with two U.S. representatives, Thomas Pickering and Susan Rice), Kyrgyz Prime Minister Jumabek Ibraimov (stomach cancer at age 55), Somaliland President Mohammad Ibrahim Egal (while undergoing surgery at South African military hospital age 73), Nauruan President Bernard Dowiyogo (heart attack while dining in Washington, DC, died in surgery at George Washington University Hospital, age 57), Armenian Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan, heart attack, age 55, Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa (stroke at age 59), Turkish President Turgut Ozal, heart attack due to poison in lemonade, 65, Nigerian President Umaru Musa Yar-Adua (pericarditis at age 58), and Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika, sudden heart attack at 78).


If Hugo Chavez's death uncovers the deep dark secrets of the CIA's bio-murder weaponry and past bio-assassinations, he will not have died in vain.


President Obama has proclaimed himself the final arbiter -- in effect judge, jury, prosecutor, and executioner -- for non-Americans and Americans around the world. Obama is merely publicly stating what powers recent Presidents of the United States believed they were entitled to and possessed. With such self-appointed powers comes accountability. Anytime anyone of note who has challenged American supremacy dies suddenly or suspiciously or both, the President of the United States is an instant suspect until the facts prove differently.



On January 2013 hackers broke into Britam Defence Inc computers and leaked the company's involvement in a plan to deliver a canister of the chemical weapon, Sarin gas, to the US's proxy terrorist mercenaries Al-Nusra. (Al-Nusra is a covert CIA proxy force of Al Qaeda terrorists, who the CIA is utilizing to destabilize and terrorize the Syrian people and government.)

The plan, hatched by unnamed "Qataris" (the brutal Arab emirate closely linked to US intelligence) included smuggling a "CW" (chemical weapon) of Soviet design from war torn Libya using Russian speaking Britam Inc employees so that any trails of suspicion would lead to the Russians.
Here is the intercepted email between David Goulding (Britam's Business Development executive) and Phillip Doughty, (the founder of Britam):


We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington.
We’ll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have.
They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.
Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?

Kind regards


Britam Defence is just one of many thousands of conduits eager and ready to do the dirty work, for pay, for the CIA and their Masters, the US imperialists and their servants, the political class. Britam is just the one that got caught - Thousands of US, British, French and other Western corporations are cashing in on the lucrative business of covert terrorist insurgencies (which now represent the standard modus operandi of US foreign policy.)

A massive effort began to claim that the emails were not real and on the internet they published a tsunami of fake websites claiming such but all evidence is that in fact the email exchange is very real indeed.



On, May 27th, 2013 multiple reports surface of Turkish police who arrested 12 men belonging to the CIA's, Al-Nusra/AlQaeda, on their way to Syria, in possession of 2 canisters of Sarin gas: (not one single mention of the Turkish arrests in the US media)

BBC mentioned the incident in a remote corner of their internet site here:

Voltair Network reports on the incident here:


Press TV, reports an incident where Syrian troops discovered Sarin gas canisters in possession of the US mercenaries.


Here "Syrian Girl" (a longtime commentator on Syrian affairs) predicts that the US would stage a false flag Sarin gas attack to be blamed on the Syrian Government:


Also Syrian government has found US made gas masks in the US backed Terrorists' hands:



On March 19th of 2013 a projectile containing Sarin gas was fired at a surburb in Aleppo killing over two dozen civilians.

UN human rights inspector Carla del Ponte declared the attack to be the handiwork of the US backed terrorist mercenaries - not the Syrian government, as was widely trumpeted by the US mainstream media. Both Russia and UN inspectors, agreed - it was the US backed terrorists, not the Syrian government:


Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared 'utter nonsense' the idea that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons on its own people and called on the US to present its supposed evidence to the UN Security Council. 



1) If the US is constantly reminding the world of the so called chemical weapons threat posed by President Assad of Syria, why is it that the proxy terrorists working for the US continue to be caught with Sarin Gas canisters?

2) If the US backed AlQaeda mercenaries are not covertly releasing Chemical weapons, why do they even have them in their possession in the first place?

3) Why is the US supporting AlQaeda Terrorists who have been caught multiple times in possession of Sarin gas canisters?

4) How can the US expect to have any credibility in accusing others of Chemical attacks when the most preeminent human rights investigator in the world, Carla Del Ponte of the United Nations has declared that contrary to Assad using the chemical weapons - it is in fact the US's proxy insurgent terrorist force who is releasing the deadly Sarin Gas?

5) Why is it that the US refuses to show their global partners (who expect to see proof before engaging in military action) the evidence, the US claims it has, which proves it was Assad who released the Chemical weapons?

6) And why are there so many incidents where our forces are being captured in possession of chemical weapons if as the US claims, chemical weapons are such a repulsive thing to our military operations?

7) And why would President Assad who has no history of using Chemical Weapons and who is winning all of the battles on the ground, in the full glare of international scrutiny, suddenly decide to commit suicide and use chemical weapons?

8) And why is there no support from the nations who historically supported even the US's most brazen crimes against humanity, posing as just wars?

9) And why are there so many non Western news sources who are reporting these chemical attacks as the work of the US proxies and not the Syrian government?


The answer is of course that President Assad did not use Chemical weapons, and this attack was the same as the last attack in March 19th - it was the US backed terrorists who covertly used the Sarin gas so that the US media could quickly and without a shred of substantiation blame it on Assad.

It's the same story every time we hear the US government talk about Chemical weapons, like they lied to us back during the giant waste of time, life and money called the Iraq war. They were shouting about chemical weapons back then too, and it turned out there were none, and we wasted all the time, money and young American lives and about 1 million dead Iraqi civilians to replace a dictator with an even bigger mess.

And this is the point of US policy - to create as much division, terrorism, and suffering throughout the world and somehow figure out a way to profit from it all.


Know your enemy.





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